World Citizen Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption

Make every trade DUTY FREE

duty free red grunge stamp

Now for download, the World Government of World Citizens Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption.  112 KiloBytes (version 2.2)

and the WGWC Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption Minimum.   41 KiloBytes (version 2.2)

The first form has full graphics for the WGWC and the Minimum Form does not contain any WGWC Graphics.

To use these forms, fill out each of the four sections.  This may be admitted into ANY corporation to make any and all Purchases Duty Free (Tax Free).  As a World Citizen is not a Citizen, National, nor Resident of the UNITED STATES, INC, any of the States, nor any of the incorporated entities there in, all purchases may be may Duty Free for World Citizens.

Most large establishments accept and respect this document as is their responsibility.  When dealing with small shop owners, they may have enough cognitive dissonance to simply reject this document not knowing/understanding its authority and validity. In these cases, it is best to say thanks… and then take your purchase to another commercial that respects the legal jurisdiction of corporations, and lack there-of upon World Citizens.

This is an example of the minimum form being used with Whole Foods, Inc:
WGWC Tax Certificate of Exemption Example.

Just to note, many people are successfully using with Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption with Lowes, Nordstroms, Staples, and other big box stores for ensuring their Duty Free status as World Citizens without a Lawful contract with any Statutory Government.

Typically, the business will give the Duty Free entity a business Tax Exemption ID# which is then used to make purchases Duty Free.


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