Three Types of Legal Property

The Corporate Governments appear to have three classifications of PROPERTY:

  • Private Property – This is privately owned and cannot be taxed, confiscated, and/or used without the owners authorization, otherwise a Common Law crime is committed.
  • Public Property – This is property owned and operated by the government by consent of the governed by contractual agreement.
  • PERSONAL PROPERTY – This is property turned over to the government and owned by representation through an INDIVIDUAL.  Within Legal code, an INDIVIDUAL has a very specific meaning: a human being operating as a legal presence incorporation, statutory person.

The Mississippi Department of Revenue “What is a Title”? uses the language for PERSONAL PROPERTY when referring to a vehicle title.  See here:

MS DOR-Vtitle

As seen here, Vehicle Titles represent ownership of the motor vehicle…  But is not actual ownership of the vehicle, because of GOVERNMENT-OWNED PERSONAL PROPERTY.

It is the legal presence that owns the vehicle, and the State/Federal corporation owns the legal presence, which is then represents ownership for the human being in the role of legal presence.


The GSA Speaks

After calling the GSA – PERSONAL PROPERTY DIVISION, they told me that they DO process GSA Form 97-1, and return GSA Form 27A.

Here is what they said….   They handle GSA Form 97-1 when the Federal Government PUBLIC property is no longer useful, and the property is sold into the private sector as PERSONAL PROPERTY (because of GSA Form 27/27A)

If the Federal Government transfers public property to the general public by way of GOVERNMENT-OWNED PERSONAL PROPERTY, then all vehicles are PERSONAL PROPERTY as this is the only method by which Federal and State jurisdiction can be attained over the vehicle.

So the question then is who in the GSA processes GSA Form SF-97 for the States when they submit their CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN and CERTIFICATE of State TITLE to the GSA for surety?


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