Michigan Woman kicked out of her own Courtroom Hearing

In a Court Hearing yesterday in 15th District Court, Judge Burke kicked a Defendant, Miko, out of her own court hearing for not being an attorney and refusing to step into her legal fictional presence person (her name in UPPER case).

She asked the court if the Attorneys for the Plaintiff are the executor of the Constructive Trust and the Judge refused to provide an answer.  She also asked the Judge if he was the Trustee of the Constructive Trust and he refused to answer the question.

Each time, the Judge doubled down on demanding Miko state her name and step into the legal fictional presence.

Miko was seeking to demonstrate the lack of jurisdiction of the Court to be able to Garnish her wages.  She had paid the Garnishment with Asset Acceptance, LLC twice over.  First she paid $250,000 in a Negotiable Instrument “Cashiers” check and the court acted in DISHONOR by refusing to process the legal tender (money) properly.  She also paid Asset Acceptance the whole amount of the garnishment as well.  Both of these “cashiers” checks were placed into dishonor for recognition according to their own codes…  U.C.C. – Article 3 and Article 4.

Miko should have continued to demand that the alleged judge answer her question, “Are you, Judge, the trustee of this constructive trust?  This is a yes or no answer and as the beneficiary I deserve an answer to my question.”

Every American should be outraged that they could be kicked out of their own court hearing for claiming to be a human being without legal presence.

The Michigan One Court is a place without justice.  These attorneys and judges are criminals engaged in crimes against humanity and treason.  For example just one of the many crimes these attorneys are committing is 18 U.S.C. § 242 Deprivation of rights under color of law by forcing human beings into association with legal fiction PERSONs (aka. statutory person, trust/estate, public office, and federal employee, etc) in violation of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights – Article 20.2 – No one may be compelled to belong to an association.

The POLICy Enforcement officers are in league with these attorney criminals.  The entire time Miko was before the BAR, she had the Bailiff standing over her, standing next to the Defendant’s Table, to intimidate her.  No other cases was the Bailiff acting this way… then again why would the bailiff need to intimidate the attorneys who conspire to enforce a slavery system upon us?  The attorneys work together to ensure that the system of injustice is not put on trial.

To email me for further information, please contact “belisoful” at/by “iCloud” dot com for more details.


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