Ann Arbor Michigan Public Defender commits mail fraud and identity theft

April 8th, 2016

Ann Arbor, Republic for Michigan, World

The Public Defender for Ann Arbor, Michigan, Lloyd E Powell, forged a US Postal Service Return Mail Receipt with a different return identity and address to maintain legal jurisdiction over a non-legal non-lienable private natural human being World Citizen from the World Government of World Citizens.  This World citizen is not a US Citizen.  The original Return Mail Receipt was in red ink, had the certified sticker, and the identity was a copyrighted name, Sui Generis, and an identified World Citizen, with a non-domestic address in the “republic for michigan” rather than the corporate “State of Michigan”.  The address was specifically “[zip code exempt]” for the legal meanings and implications.

The forged return mail receipt was in black ink, had a hand written certified tracking code, and lacked the Title of “World Citizen”, was missing the “non-domestic” verbiage, and used an abbreviated STATE code rather than the “Republic for Michigan.”

When any other legal person changes these identifying terms in a name, title, and address, it would be considered written identity theft…  a violation of Michigan Compiled Law §750.157v when legal tender is involved; such as charges in a courtroom.  Forging a USPS Return Mail Receipt is mail fraud.

The legal jurisdiction of the falsified identity on the forged return mail receipt was such that it would allow the corporate State of Michigan to legally rob this World Citizen of his private property automobile that is not party to Michigan Codes.  One of the two Judges in these double jeopardy cases -about 9 months ago- kicked the world Citizen out of the courtroom claiming, “You are not party to the law!”.  In the video tapes of the armed grand theft auto on October 1st, 2015 by Washtenaw area Police, they state, “When the chief finds out this car is private property, he’s going to make me clean up the glass.”  They knew taking a World Citizen car was a crime, and did it any way.  The World citizen was stopped for having a WORLD plate on the private automobile.

The judges (both Joseph F. Burke and Kirk W. Tabbey), the prosecutor (Brian L. Mackie), the sheriff (Jerry L. Clayton), and the public defender (Lloyd E. Powell) in the courtrooms -as constructive trusts- are all maintaining a conspiracy to remove “NON-DOMESTIC” from the World Citizen’s identity thus depriving him of his Right to Nationality -in accord with the UNITED NATIONS – Declaration of Human Rights Article 15-, his right to Private Property, and his right to travel, a human right so basic U.S. judges say it does NOT need to be mentioned.

To get the automobile out of Sakstrups impound, the World citizen needs a Michigan Driver’s License and a Michigan vehicle Title.  The State of Michigan has only refused to give the World Citizen a driver’s license because -as a non-legal human being- he is not a LEGAL permanent resident.  Having terminated the Vehicle Title according to 49 Code of Federal Regulations §365.123, the State itself invalidated the Michigan Vehicle Title legal authority thus making the car a private property automobile.

The county and state seem interested in only covering up their liability for these crimes upon a World Citizen.  Could armed grand theft auto by police be considered state-sponsored terrorism?  Why is it acceptable to the U.S. Department of Justice to rob a man of his private property (through the NMVTIS -a national motor vehicle database run by the U.S. DoJ) and then blame the man for needing to rob him?

The whole point of capitalism is private property.  If the US and State “justice system” can disregard private property without consequence, then capitalism is dead.  If the US and State “justice system’ is willing to commit felonies to cover up crimes of their own (corporate) POLICy Enforcers, there is no justice in America.  If the US and State “justice system” is willing to dishonor their own instruments of debt in commerce, there is no rule of law.  Where is the rule of law when private property can be stolen by a state during the exercise of the right to travel with impunity while blame their victim, but Hilary Clinton is not prosecuted for the most egregious violations of United States secrecy and Goldman Sacks gets away with robbing their clients of hundreds of millions of dollars?  (See the Veneer of Justice in a Kingdom of Crime).

If there is no consequence for the Lloyd E Powell, the UNITED STATES, INCORPORATED has no moral nor ethical pillars to be operating legitimately.  When the wolfs guard the hen house…

(See included Pictures of a sample address with the World citizens hand writing and the forgery, the forgery in black ink on top, the samples are in red ink on bottom.  The blurred out section of the USPS Return Mail Receipt is the name and street address.  We see in the sample that the address does actually work in the USPS system.)

Public Return Mail Receipt.frontPublic Return Mail Receipt.back

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