Every Courthouse in America is fraud

Posted on April 9, 2016 by David Robinson

The Private Attorney General’s office has uncovered an elaborate and deceptive scheme perpetrated by the judicial system which defrauds and deprives Americans out of their rights, property and finances. It has been discovered that ALL the courts are charted under ONE corporation and are NOT true governmental agencies but are PRIVATE corporations for profit designed to keep the American people in the dark in order to generate revenue based on the public’s ignorance.

The unlawful foreclosures taking place in every courtroom in America has funded an illegal RICO enterprise posing as a legitimate judicial system stealing hard working Americans homes based on fraud.

The Private Attorney General’s office is dedicated to expose and eradicate this miscarriage of justice and hold accountable all the culprits who are responsible for this travesty of justice.

From the United States Office of the Private Attorney General



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