Legalizing World Citizen IDs for use in any Corporate Country

World citizen Documents are privately owned. Each document, such as the World Citizen Birth Certificate, World Citizen Passport and ID, is the private property of oneself with no other entity having authority over the documents. World Citizen Identities cannot lawfully be “arrested” nor “liened” without first being Authenticated and Legalized by a US Consulate/Embassy, technically.

Authenticating a World Citizen ID requires a Certificate of Authentication, and a photocopy of the World Citizen ID(s). It also may help to include an AFFIDAVIT OF US CITIZEN RELINQUISHMENT, an AFFIDAVIT OF FOREIGN STATUS, and possibly a “Death Certificate” for the artificial person’s SSN Estate.

Certificate of Authentication:

Common Apostille and Certificate of Authentication DOCX
Common Apostille and Certificate of Authentication PDF

Should the Certificate of Authentication with World Citizen ID be denied, the US Embassy’s denial constitutes evidence that the ID is legally exempt. This is to say, basically an acting diplomat in all but official US recognition, according to the Convention of 5 October 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents – Article 3.


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