Universal Basic Income is required by US Code, since 1938

The Universal Basic Income is an income for simply being living and breathing on the planet Earth through this time.  As more jobs move to automation, a basic income seems realistic; particularly with the release of many of those amazing Nikola Tesla torsion technologies hiding away in the break away technological Corporate Military Complex, like free energy, that would make money obsolete very quickly.

Some countries across the globe are testing the Guaranteed Universal Basic Income as a model for their “socialist” democracies.

Before simply accepting that it would take legislation, bills, Presidents signatures, and that pomp, lets examine what an ARTIFICIAL PERSON is and what legal codes should apply that may not be properly in compliance due to the fraudulent AMERICAN B.A.R. ASSOCIATION and fictitious B.A.R. Attorneys.

This explains what the ARTIFICIAL PERSON actually is, according to the legal code, “judicial” rulings and decisions, etc:

To summarize, The ALL CAPITAL name found on your Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Driver’s License, Voter Registration Card, Credit Card, etc are all PUBLIC OFFICES.  Meaning that when you perform your daily routine, from sleeping to taking care of the kids, you are an employee of the Federal Governmental Services Corporation in a somehow elected and/or appointed PUBLIC OFFICE- TRADE NAME©, Artificial person.

There are also Federal and State minimum wage corporate Statute Codes that indicate that all employment requires a minimum wage.  The Fair Labor Standards Act came into “applicability” in 1938.  Both the Organic and Incorporated Constitution, Amendment 5 require just compensation for public use of private property.  Your time is your private property until one “sells” it; time is money, no?

As a Public Office “employee”, the human is “employed” into the Artificial Person TRADE NAME© PUBLIC OFFICE which requires compensation according to Federal and State Minimum Wage Statutory Codes and the Constitutions.  We can also require the use of gold and silver as payment as the compensation would, out of contractual necessity, be prior to entry into the governmental service corporation’s statutory codes and rules about “legal tender”.

Putting it practically: For having a Social Security Number, a State Driver’s License, a Federal Passport, a County Voter ID Card, and a State Birth Certificate (each Public Offices), we are guaranteed universal basic income as “employees” of the “government” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Without payment, the Governmental Services Corporation cannot require compliance with any corporate statutes.  Requesting the Trustee (ahem, the fictitious judge in any Corporate Courtroom) to comply with their minimum wage codes is one of the fastest ways to terminate a governmental services corporation “Statutory jurisdiction.”

Where is the back pay?  The debt-money is in the Foreign Situs Trusts being operated as TRADE NAMES© by the Governmental Services Corporations.  I know friends directly who have accessed this “debt” held in the Birth Certificate Bank Note and Social Security Estate.

All we need to do is request of the government services corporation that payments be made.  $tart calling the STATE’s Secretary of State, Treasury, Department of Commerce, and Government Services Administration equivalent.


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