Courtroom opines Police can Legally Lie to Cover Up “Investigations”

Courtroom opines Police can Legally Lie to Cover Up “Investigations”

By     April 11, 2016

The United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that police officers can lie to suspects in regards to a traffic stop — even when no violation has occurred.

The ruling essentially gives police officers carte blanche to stop anyone they want for absolutely no reason — merely acting on a hunch.

According to the ruling, 

So long as the facts known to the officer establish reasonable suspicion to justify an investigatory stop, the stop is lawful even if the officer falsely cites as the basis for the stop a ground that is not supported by reasonable suspicion.

The court goes on to justify their rights violating and Stasi-esque ruling by claiming it’s okay as long as the officer truly believes the subject of his lies has criminal intent.

We emphasize, however, that although our focus is on the objectively reasonable basis for the stop, not the officers’ subjective intentions or beliefs, the facts justifying the stop must be known to officers at the time of the stop.

The case in question originated out of a federal court in Montana and involved two men accused of transporting methamphetamine.

The suspect, Hector Magallon-Lopez argued that his right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure was violated after he was stopped by an officer who lied to him about changing lanes without a signal. Magallon-Lopez argued, justly, that the evidence against him be thrown out, as it was obtained under false pretense.

The court rejected his argument.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the officer lying to Magallon-Lopez was justified so long as the officer had sufficient evidence to support this type of previously illegal investigation.

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All Counties have PUBLIC OFFICIAL BONDS; the bond is otherwise conceptually known as “insurance.”  A part of the PUBLIC OFFICIAL BOND is the provision on LYING and MISREPRESENTATION.  Sheriffs are NOT allowed to lie and misrepresent based upon the INSURANCE that every  INCORPORATED COUNTY purchases; Incorporate Counties must have these bonds be an incorporated county, it’s a part of their requirements.

The important take away is that the judge is ruling without the RULE OF LAW as these bonding/insurance papers prevent POLICY ENFORCERS -as PUBLIC OFFICERS- from lying and misrepresentation themselves.  See for yourself!

Washtenaw-Travellers Coverage Policy and Bonds

The “EMPLOYEE DISHONESTY” Insurance of WASHTENAW COUNTY for $5,000,000 (Five Million Dollars) covers the “Policy Enforcer” Employee actions to lie and misrepresent the financial harm to us by “CHARGING” our TRADE-NAME© Birth Certificate TRUSTS Artificial “Persons” for their own private and personal financial gain.  As seen here in the WASHTENAW COUNTY INSURANCE and definitions…  including the “legal-fiction definition” of “courtroom, with constructive trusts appearing as ‘court cases’, to oversee ‘charges” made “real”/fictionalize/legalized by the MAGI/STRATE.  The MAGI/STRATE is engaging in “religion” legal-word SIGIL MAGIC, INC making “debt real”, via the VATICAN, INC.  Judges and Magi/strates in Courtrooms wear black robes for a reason…  they are magicians.  STRAIGHT MAGIC.  There are Actual Presidents of the Organic united States of America [not the “corporate PRESIDENTS”] who claim to be the “Chief Magi/strate.”

References to the President of the United States as “Chief Magistrate” were common in the early American republic, although use of the term is rare today. In 1793, George Washington described himself as his country’s “Chief Magistrate” in his second inaugural address. In 1800, Alexander Hamilton wrote in a private letter to Aaron Burr, later published by Burr without his permission, that he considered John Adams “unfit for the office of Chief Magistrate.”

These PUBLIC OFFICIALS seem to be very dishonest about occulted meaning for the legal definition of “magi/strates” and the corporate gains through their mis-representation of “courtrooms” and Corporate Policy Enforcers.





These insurance coverage policies also make NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS into “money” for the purposes of their fictitious corporate legal magic/religious courtroom constructive trusts that are NOT actual Constitutional Courts.


To quote the bonding/insurance coverage for WASHTENAW COUNTY:

2. “Money” means (a) currency, coins and bank notes in current use and having a face value; and (b) travelers checks, register checks, and money orders held for sale to the public.

4. “Securities” means negotiable… instruments representing… “money”… but does not include “money.”

Put together with the STATE OF WASHINGTON’s Treasury website:


Which means that Our own Negotiable Instruments -as Money Orders- are held for sale to the STATE TREASURY [aka, PUBLIC, INCORPORATED] by their insurance documentation in any COUNTY with these kinds of standardized coverage policies.

Here are the PUBLIC OFFICIAL BOND papers and policies -that are NOT properly signed- for Washtenaw County Public Officials, such as judges, policy enforcers.  The Bond/Insurance Policy is created through the GREAT AMERICAN INSURANCE GROUP and TRAVELERS CASUALTY AND SURETY COMPANY OF AMERICA.  Travelers Insurance covers the PUBLIC OFFICIALS for the foreclosed WASHTENAW COUNTY.

Washtenaw Travelers Insurance

Page 2 is missing the signature for the NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENT that authorizes the debt of the bond/insurance to be created.  This means that NOT ONE PUBLIC OFFICIAL for WASHTENAW COUNTY is properly bonded!  Every court case since December 2014 needs to be thrown out because the county was not properly bonded.

Here is that page:

WASHTENAW COUNTY PUBLIC OFFICIAL BOND, negotiable instrument NOT properly signed
WASHTENAW COUNTY PUBLIC OFFICIAL BOND, negotiable instrument NOT properly signed

In every Constructive Trust Corporate Courtroom across the UNITED STATES, INC, the Magi/strate is the one to purchase -using the TRADE-NAME©- the dishonored debt of the “charges”.  The Charges are created from STATUTES via “Bills” (of exchange) know as legislation passed by “Incorporated Constitutional” legislature.  LEGIS is latin for Law of Man.  REGIS is latin for Law of King.  This is why LEGIS-lature is REGIS-tured.  All Incorporated bodies are voluntary under the King/Monarch.  REGIStering a “vehicle” allows for LEGISlative bodies to then govern [read: control] the property by statutory/admiralty code.

So the Policy Enforcers can only be trolling for (entirely arbitrary) franchise profits for their organizational,  personal and private benefit.

Here is a clip of John Oliver exposing the fraud that is “Civil Asset Forfeiture.”

Anyone who doubts that what police and attorneys are doing is ENTIRELY ARBITRARY, check out what POLICE CHIEF KEN BURTON, COLUMBIA, MISSOURI said about their on Civil Asset Forfeiture Program in the “Citizens Police Review Board” on November 14th, 2012,

There are some limitations on it… you know… it’s…   actually there’s not really on the Forfeiture stuff.

We just usually base it on something that would be nice to have, that we can’t get in the budget, for… for instance.

It’s kinda like pennies from heaven, you know, it gets ya a toy you need, is the way we typically look at it.

In Texas the Legal Enforcement bought Kegs of Beer and Margarita Machines.

And Legal Enforcement (which is not law, but by legal definition) took more stuff from people than burglars did last year.  Making the Legal Policy Enforcers more dangerous to private property than non-Police Burglars/Thiefs/Robbers/etc.


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