Federal Reserve System Former Advisor: “People Would Be Stunned To Know The Extent To Which The Fed Is Privately Owned”

Federal Reserve System Former Advisor: “People Would Be Stunned To Know The Extent To Which The Fed Is Privately Owned”

Tyler Durden
April 11th, 2016, Gregorian

Former central bank staffer and Dartmouth College economics professor Andrew Levin, special adviser to then Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke between 2010 to 2012, joined with an activist group to argue for overhauls at the central bank that they say would distance it from Wall Street and make its activities more transparent and accountable to the public.

Levin is pressing for the overhaul with Fed Up coalition activists. Many of the proposed changes target the 12 regional Federal Reserve Banks, which are quasi-private and technically owned by commercial banks in their respective districts.

All of that is not surprising. What he said to justify his new found cause, however, is.

“A lot of people would be stunned to know” the extent to which the Federal Reserve is privately owned, Mr. Levin said. The Fed “should be a fully public institution just like every other central bank” in the developed world, he said in a conference call announcing the plan. He described his proposals as “sensible, pragmatic and nonpartisan.”

Why is that stunning? Because it has long been a bone of contention if only among the fringe media, that at its core the Fed is merely a private institution, beholden only to its de facto owners: not the people of the U.S. but to a small cabal of banks. Worse, the actual org chart of who owns what is not disclosed, even as the vast majority of the U.S. population remains deluded that the Fed is a publicly owned institution.

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The Federal Reserve System is the corporate “end” buyer -CORPORATE TRUSTEE- of the “legal artificial person” security Birth Certificate.  With the Federal Reserve System being a nearly completely private “bank”/underwriter/undertaker system, the legal presence bank note securities receipts would be better kept being warehoused in the “Treasury of North America”, the Organic Constitutional “Citizens Trust/Bank”; where legal presences for public officials were originally “underwritten”/insured/bonded as a franchise.

The issue of legal presences as tools of slavery still exists within the Organic Constitution.  All organizations (particularly governmental services corporations) among men are voluntary.  Slavery was extended to all US Citizens in the (second) Incorporated Constitution, 13th Amendment.  This combination move was through declaration of marshal law and passage of the Lieber Code -for the “American Civil War”- where neither were repealed.  The Civil War could only end with a Peace Treaty between the North and South, but that would require the North to legitimize the South; so the Peace Treaty was never created, making the Civil War “Marshal Law” still in effect.  The Lieber Code was extended by the War and Emergency Powers Act in March, 1933 to make U.S. Citizens enemies of the UNITED STATES, INC.  Furthermore, the 13th Amendment that is commonly used is the second 13th Amendment; the original 13th Amendment banned B.A.R. Attorneys due to their Legal Presence Title of Nobility!

Is a public utility Trust/Bank/Treasury really the way to go?  Wouldn’t zero point (free) energy make “money” moot?  And what about those other 6,000 patents that the US Patent Office has deemed “a national security threat” and classified for what seems like corporate and monetary status quo?

Some of the technology that whistleblowers talk about would be nice.  Many of the technologies could eliminate the need for a “Legal-Presence Trust/Bank/Treasury.”  Wouldn’t an Open Source model of “money” be better?  Where Currencies can compete with each other?

Anyone would be able to have a currency.  Indeed, that is what Negotiable Instruments currently are!  Everyone can create their own private bond for any amount they want, and every corporation is REQUIRED by U.C.C. – Article 3, part 5 to remedy the dishonor of the debt (when done properly) by off-setting the accounting by charge-back.

If one does not believe that we can just issue our own valid private bonds of debt, then one also does not believe that any loan by any bank is valid either.  It cannot be both ways.  Federal Reserve Notes and our own private bonds are either proper debt together, or not valid/legal.  That is how strange it is using debt as money.

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