Former IRS Agent Admits: “Personal Income Tax is Actually Illegal”

Former IRS Agent Admits: “Personal Income Tax is Actually Illegal”

Essentially, its many pages are a work of legal fiction, operating under ‘color of law’ and used to oppress the people, and separate established wealth from everyone else.

Bannister argues that by the books, the incomes of most Americans are not subject to the tax code, but the use of intimidation and nebulous code language has prevented the vast majority from discovering the truth.

Over at the Sovereign Education Defense Ministry – “Why YOUR government is either a thief or you are a ‘PUBLIC OFFICER’ for income tax purposes” explains the legal code about why this is true according to CODES, STATUTES, REGULATIONS, RULES, DECISIONS, etc of the United States, INC.

Rather than file IRS Form 1040 to pay the IRS taxes, why not file IRS Form 966 to Cancel them?

The best reason why not to pay taxes is that not one nickel of IRS Taxes goes to the Federal Government! -according to the Grace Commission Report-.  Shouldn’t we know where the IRS taxes go before giving this non-American non-governmental “tax” collector any more debt/money?

The other question that comes to mind: How is the Federal Government funded if not by IRS Taxes?  The UNITED STATES, INC creates usable debt by selling the Birth Certificate Bank Notes to the Federal Reserve.  This also explains why the Republicans want to “naturalize” those illegal immigrants…  to boost the “income” of the “naturalization bank notes” artificial person trust public office corporate insurance franchise TRADE-NAME©.


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