Democracy Spring- Most arrested for protesting in DC history, little US media coverage

Humans have no voice in the “Governmental Services Corporation.”  According to their own U.S. Judges, Debt is the most legitimate “speech” –Citizens United vs F.E.C..  Humans can exercise our right to make debt-speech, what are people afraid of?

What allows corporations to do whatever they want is consent of our signature on the Contract known as a Driver’s License, Passport, SSN Application and ID Card, etc.   The signature on each of these contracts -where corporate statutory rules apply- are “With Prejudice” by default on all signatures for UPPER CASE- TRADE NAMES©).

I know friends directly that have attempted to get a STATE, INC Driver’s License while signing their name “Without Prejudice U.C.C. 1-308” only to have their application denied.  The Social Security Administration office has told me on multiple occasions that “Without Prejudice U.C.C. 1-308” directly above a signature will automatically, by their own internal rules, render the application invalid.

Until these LEGAL PRESENCE ARTIFICIAL PERSONS contracts are changed, “the people” will always be fighting corporate overreach.  Corporate overreach is built into each “government contract” via “With Prejudice” being default applied upon every AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE signature; and the governmental services corporation disallowing any text that might contractually reserve rights.

The mandatory corporate overreach inherent in each TRADE-NAME© contract is what allows the legal system, the bankers, and the governmental services corporation to get away with what they do, and continue to do evermore.

There are many ways to declare spiritual sovereignty.  To leave sovereignty declarations non-physicalized isn’t grounding the concept into form; and possibly into non-form.  That is: by literally dissolving the governmental services corporation’s contracts into non-form.  We must tell them to terminate their artificial person franchise debt accounts for us, that they call us.  Otherwise they have a mandate to continue assuming the contract!

And the legal profession has defined for themselves the “Power of Attorney” as well as the “Power of Assumption.”  The Pro-se/cutor assumes the “power of assumption” which is why they nearly always inevitably “win favorable rulings” for them, due to their financial stake in the courtroom.  Judges -as trustees- and pro-se/cutors -as executors- of the constructive trusts -known as “court cases”- in “courtrooms” -that are not Constitutional “Courts”- each have a financial stake in the outcome of each courtroom constructive trust.  The Trustees and Executors “impartiality” is compromised due to the kick-backs they get from operating the Constructive Trust.

To say that we are sovereign and no longer supporting the Kazarian Cabal and UNITED STATES, INC mafia but then believe “I still want/need THEIR driver’s license, Social Security Number, Birth Certificate, Passport, etc” is an energetic contradiction.

We don’t need a Driver’s License to travel.  The Right to Travel with impunity is a basic human right that cannot be taken away from us, under penalty of their death!  “Driving” is a commercial activity using a motor carrier “vehicle.”  “Traveling” is not a commercial activity but a right so basic it need not be mentioned.  An “automobile” is not a “vehicle” but being private property.  These definitions are according to US Judges and their own legal system.

A driver’s license can be surrendered in the location it was produced/received.  If the Corporate State Customer Service are confused, tell them that old people give up their Driver’s Licenses all the time.  Be sure to sign the document “Without Prejudice U.C.C. 1-308” with a © after your signature artwork.

A Social Security Number can be surrendered via SSA Form 521, the corporation/trust/person can be dissolved with IRS Form 966.

The Birth Certificate can be returned to the “presentment address” being the Federal Reserve.  Mail the US Birth Certificate by USPS Registered Mail with a demand for Exchanging the Bill/Bank Note.
The Federal Reserve System – Redemption
20th Street and Constitution Avenue N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20551

The Bank Note Specialist for the Office of Vital Records, Department of Health, STATE OF CALIFORNIA say, and i Quote, “It [the birth certificates] wouldn’t be bank notes without the bar code!”

We can own our own automobiles by removing them from the legal system via 49 C.F.R. §365.123.

World Citizens do not have nor need a “driver’s license” as we are automatically exercising our “right to travel” in all cases and conditions, no matter what.  No punitive action may come from the exercise of this right, and punitive actions may be ignored “with impunity” according to US legal Precedence.  Though I recommend responding properly to any legal matters as a non-legal World Citizen- where their fictitious legal system has no authority.

World Citizens may authenticate and legalize our Passports with a US Embassy/Consulate (for $50) to be “officially recognized” and usable according to the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents.  Should the legalization of the documents be denied, then -according to Article 3 of the Convention- the US Embassy has exempted the human being from legalization.  In other words, we are made a Diplomat with diplomatic immunity upon denial; as their TRADE-NAMES© are unable to be “charged” with statutes/bills.  World citizens, and unofficial diplomats, do not HAVE a TRADE-NAMEs©.  It is not possible for the corporations and fictitious courtrooms to use/abuse the TRADE-NAME© given that the TRADE-NAME© of the non-legal human does not exist.

Allodial Land owning seems unresolved, though possible.

Using a non-legal Lawful World Citizen ID in a legal corporation that refuses to recognize their own legal codes (but for their own corporate advantage) also seems unresolved.



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