World citizen recapitalizes FDIC with $100 Trillion

The UNITED STATES, INC FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION (FDIC) is the corporate body tasked with INSURING every bank account in every bank in the UNITED STATES, INC.  (How do they have a “.gov” web domain when “Corporation” is directly in their corporate name?)

The FDIC was severely underfunded and unprepared for another banking crisis.  The FDIC should be bankrupt, but not to worry the FDIC states:

To sum up, a decline in the fund balance does NOT diminish our ability to protect insured depositors.

This of course is only possible if negotiable instruments are valuable unto themselves.  A fact that every bank uses to their advantage and hides from the rest of us, The Promissory Note negotiable instrument is underwritten and our own “debt”/money is then fraudulently loaned back to us, with interest.  Not a single bank has “lawful consideration”/”skin in the game” within the “contract.”  The FDIC can simply “underwrite” insolvent bank accounts with new debt negotiable instruments, effectively buying the dishonored debt, creating more debt out of thin air, and giving the new debt to the banks -through the “debt accounts” THE BANKS hold FOR us-; banks that couldn’t operate their business well enough to stay solvent.  How is that for “capitalism”?  Oh right, not capitalism…   it’s more like “banking legalistic/magic fascism.”

As a gesture of Peace between World citizens and the Insolvent foreclosed Governmental-Services-Corporation UNITED STATES, INCORPORATED, this World citizen gave the FDIC $100 Trillion by negotiable instrument in their digital ones and zeros to recapitalize their accounts for any instance of US Banking failures.  It is gifted to them.


The FDIC seems like they might need it with what is going on in the world: The FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE seems to have lost its world reserve status January 1st, 2016.  Global Shipping has virtually stopped since them.  China seems to be going all in with an actual Gold backed Yuan…  and the world seems to agree that the Khazarian Cabal controlling the UNITED STATES shouldn’t have the World’s Reserve Currency, particularly when they can just make as much of it as they want with a few keyboard/mouse clicks.

All those International (worthless) FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES are set to flood back into the UNITED STATES, INC.  As this happens, all these dollars are chasing the same goods.

Wells Fargo Insider says Bank is Preparing for Emergency

They started training us today… for an “emergency scenario”.  They told us it’s just a drill. Ive been working here for 3 years, and we never had a drill before.

They said that during an emergency, they would close the doors and only allow 3 people at a time inside of the branch.  Also, my branch manager said that we would have armed guards during the emergency.

The last thing they mentioned is that they wont store alot of cash in the vault, since it will be a safety issue…

Unscheduled Fed meetings, and with President and VP, raise eyebrows as regulators warn JPMorgan threatens U.S. “financial stability”

Moreover, the very regulator overseeing the biggest banks appears dangerously out of bullets to revive the economy without majorly aggressive action. Former Fed chief Alan Greenspan warned that“monetary policy … has done everything it can unless you want to put additional QEs on.” Meanwhile, Greenspan’s successor at the Fed, Ben Bernanke, just posted an article calling for the radical idea of highly inflationary “helicopter money” to stimulate the economy, if necessary.

With the biggest banks still dangerous derivative- and debt-stuffed time bombs waiting to go off, the case for gold and silver to protect wealth has perhaps never been greater.

The economic and financial situation is entirely predictable in its worsening state, because the Too Big To Fail/Jail banks got bigger and more powerful, institutionalizing more crime by the banks and legal system.  The Financial Crisis of 2008 was only covered over with a massive amount of fictitious New DEBT, like a gift wrap to hide the financial legal turd that is fiat debt money; where banks only underwrite (move from liabilities to assets) the debts THEY want to underwrite, and all other debts can unlawfully be dishonored, particularly when it benefits the bank to rob and steal the surety (the physical stuff) through false pretenses of  unlawful contracts and pieces of paper.

So please, no more whining about the FDIC being underfunded.


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