PROPOSAL: Janet Yellen on the $20 Federal Reserve Note

Tubman replacing Jackson on the $20, Hamilton spared

“Today, I’m excited to announce that for the first time in more than a century, the front of our currency will feature the portrait of a woman, Harriet Tubman, on the $20 note,” Treasury Secretary Jack Lew told reporters during a conference call Wednesday afternoon.

Amazing, The Federal Reserve put the symbol of a “slave” from the era of the “civil war” that never ended.  In just having a Driver’s License we WAIVE all constitutionally protected rights!  Meaning that having, “being”, identifying with, not fully comprehending an artificial person legal presence corporate franchise TRADE-NAME© PUBLIC OFFICE making us a CORPORATE SLAVES in now represented on the $20 note by Harriet Tubman.  Ironically, she also worked to free the slaves.  Though this may be a form of SIGIL MAGIC by the Federal Reserve to STOP the freeing of the U.S. Citizen slaves from the Babylonian-Satanic Debt Slavery System.  Contrary, The energy of “Andrew Jackson” is no longer “locked up” on the Fed’s Security Paper and could help manifest the termination of the third central bank “of” the UNITED STATES.

Janet Yellen is probably the best candidate to be on the $20.

The last FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD Chair BEN BERNANKE was more powerful than U.S., INC President OBAMA:

Something like this:  Janet Yellen on a $2362 Dollar Bill – pictures



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