NY Attorney General got 1,000 direct complaints from voters on primary day

What is the probability that the corrupt legal system would do anything about voting fraud when all they are in the “commercial business*” of is “appearance of justice**” using unlawful contracts for use of the TRADE-NAME©?

(* creating fictitious debts for TRADE-NAMES©, and attorneys [with strange “magical” legal definitions] intentionally confusing our human being-ness and the artificial “person” TRADE-NAME©)
(** according to the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, Rule 44)

Please observe the NAME of the candidate that one is voting for within the UNITED STATES, INC.  All voter Cards technically SHOULD be in UPPER CASE.  I have only seen voter registrations and candidates with names in upper case.  US Citizens only vote for ARTIFICIAL PERSONS CORPORATE FRANCHISES TRADE-NAMES©.

I pass no judgement on voting for corporate franchises that represent humans, please note that “hiring” a corporate franchise into public offices means that these legal fictions represent the corporate side of things first as that is the allegiance of a legal corporate fiction existence.  That is to say, the debt in the TRUST is “sovereign” and “speech” and is prioritized over human rights because of “hiring attorneys make their clients unsound of mind, according to US the legal system itself.” If we vote for corporate representations of “the public,” then we also get the corporate agenda, part and parcel…  the foremost corporate entity being the (UNITED NATIONS, INC DBA) UNITED STATES, INC, etc and the Central [mostly private] Bank

The only true solution is to terminate the contract with the UNITED STATES.  One of the easiest ways to do this is become a World Citizen, triggering the relinquishment statute Title 8 U.S.C. §1481 – Loss of Nationality to expatriate.  Ex-patriating terminates the fiduciary responsibility to the TRADE-NAME©.  The TRADE-NAME© is used by the governmental services corporation to create near infinite amounts of debt, keep it for themselves, and then contractually hold us accountable by some “with Prejudice” contract.  Every TRADE-NAME© is used to loan debt into existence, the terms and conditions -that of using our human body as surety for the debts- were never described in the contract; which is a violation of the TRUTH IN LENDING ACT.

Furthermore, the legal presence itself is a PUBLIC OFFICE.  Being duly elected/assigned the PUBLIC OFFICE, payment for the 24 hours a day, 7 days a week fulfillment of the position in the governmental services corporation is mandated by MINIMUM WAGE CODE; federal, state, and possibly county minimum wage “laws” must be followed in order to fill the TRADE-NAME© properly.  Without payment, it would be an act of PERJURY for any human being to CLAIM TO BE, and/or BE ASSOCIATED WITH -even by [unlawful] sign contracts, such as Driver’s Licenses, Social Security Accounts, Birth Certificates, etc- the legal presence, artificial person corporate insurance debt franchise TRADE-NAME©.

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