Peace Breaks Out When Policy Enforcers Quit

NEBRASKA, INC abolishes Civil Asset Forfeiture.  Blessings for any and all measures of relief and remedy to the slavery system that is the UNITED STATES, INC slavery system.  Policy Enforcers see civil asset forfeiture as pennies from heaven, see this:

Civil Asset Forfeiture Code common re-interpretation seem to indicate that the “local cartel kingpin” is the POLICY ENFORCER FICTITIOUS SHERIFF, as they are the ones using Civil Asset Forfeiture for unlawful gain.  The abolishing of civil asset forfeiture programs is more likely about reducing liability for the Sheriffs, STATES, and US, Inc rather than protecting the people and human rights.  Debt and liability are the things the legal system operates upon.  Human rights are converted into “benefits” through issuance of “licenses,”  such as Driver’s Licenses, Passports, Birth Certificates.  This is an unlawful requirement, according to: Miller vs. U.S., 230 F. 486, 489

“The claim and exercise of a constitutional [protected] Right cannot be converted into a crime.”

Entire Green Mountain Falls, Colorado, INC Policy Enforcer Department Resigns, Peace reigns.  The policies for the town are not “enforced.”  That is to say, the people are not being harassed for the slavery system.  The real violence (and human rights abuses) starts when the “corporate policy enforcers” show up.  The Police Department Resignation is what relief and remedy is made of.  Morality and Ethics still exist without “corporate policy enforcers.”  Apparently, any real threats to peace are still “CONSTITUTIONALLY, INC insured” with debt through statutory codes by the El Paso County Sheriff Office.

Maybe the Township Policy Enforcers got the memo: WRIT OF QUO WARRANTO.


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