Grandmother locks criminal Corporate Policy Enforcer in Basement

It doesn’t take long for the governmental services corporations to “enforce corporate policy” called “legal laws” in order to create new debts for its own benefits and the personal benefit of its agents.  The UNITED STATES, INC is engaged in asymmetric legal war-fare against and upon the human beings because it takes many years to gain “justice.”  Meanwhile, the judges and attorneys are creating mega-bucks with debt out of nothing in each COURTROOM CASE (constructive trust).  These corporate statutory courtrooms of the UNITED STATES, and each STATE is nothing than the mere “appearance of justice” (according to the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure – Rule 44).

If every judge in the UNITED STATES, INC is rendering nothing more than the “appearance of justice,” then do Police and Sheriffs only render the “appearance of peace”, “appearance of authority”, “appearance of justness”?  It is true.  Sheriffs only have the legal fiction of authority.  Their only authority is overstanding ARTIFICIAL PERSONS Corporate insurance franchise TRADE-NAMES©.

As World Citizens are non-legal and thus without TRADE-NAMEs©, the “appearance of authority” by Policy Enforcers is shown for what it is: moot.


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