Canada to Trial Guaranteed Minimum Income; Back Pay Required By Minimum Wage

Canada to Trial Guaranteed Minimum Income

As automation, digitization, and globalization alter labor market dynamics, calls are increasing for governments to augment their poverty strategies. One such proposal is the introduction of a guaranteed minimum income in order to provide for essentials and reduce poverty. Canada is planning a pilot project in Ontario to study the potential benefits of a guaranteed minimum income scheme.

2016 Marks Turning Point for Guaranteed Minimum Income in Canada

The provincial budget released by Ontario’s Liberal government in March includes a plan to launch a guaranteed minimum income pilot project. Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and finance minister Charles Sousa announced the trial project earlier this spring, as part of the new budget. The pilot is slated to start in 2017, although the location of the trial has not yet been determined. Some are suggesting industrial cities hit hard by decreased manufacturing, such as Windsor on the Canadian border with Detroit.

The Birth Certificates, Social Insurance Number (like a U.S. Inc Social Security Number in usage and application), Driver’s Licenses, Passports, etc are all licensed PUBLIC OFFICES in the Commonwealth of Canada Incorporated, just like in the United States, Inc governmental services corporation.  Our UPPER CASE TRADE-NAME© -not to be confused with the human being- is an operational pillar of every (corporate) legal system.

It is the TRADE-NAME© that is the CANADIAN, INC CITIZEN.  There is not a single Human Being that is a Citizen of any corporate “country” governmental services corporation.  A Citizen is a legal “artificial person” such as a Birth Certificate, Social Insurance/Security Number, Passport, Driver’s License, etc.

When taking on these artificial person “Citizen” PUBLIC OFFICES, minimum wage is REQUIRED for being “employed” in the assigned/elected PUBLIC OFFICE of the TRADE-NAME©.  And to be clear, the “government” owns the TRADE-NAME© artificial person that the human then steps into and is a PUBLIC OFFICE.  For instance, all driver’s licenses must be returned/surrendered upon being told to do so because the Driver’s License is property of the State.

In Canada INC, every human being must be compensated -equal to or above minimum wage- for the 24/7 perpetual employment into/as/with the artificial “person” corporate “citizen” TRADE-NAME© CEO/President.  Particularly given that the trade name insurance franchise uses the human being as contractual “surety” for the Birth Certificate Bank Note TRADE NAME© on a 24/7/365 basis, so is payment.

Canada Inc’s Minimum Wage’s are found here.  As of May 7th, 2016, Canada’s Minimum Wage is between 10.45 and 13.00; being without a “Federal” minimum wage.  Each region is required to pay out minimum wage for the human in the PUBLIC OFFICE within the governmental services corporation.

This means that for as long as Canada, Inc has been converting human beings into artificial corporate “persons” and there has been a minimum wage, back pay is mandatory for maintaining the “authority” of the de facto foreclosed corporation-pretending-to-be-a-government Commonwealth of Canada Inc.

Canadians, be polite and ask your fictitious government/corporation for back pay  to go with the Guaranteed Minimum Wage, eh?.

Just like in the UNITED STATES, INC, humans filling and employed as/in “artificial person” PUBLIC OFFICES requires payment equal to or above minimum wage since 1938.


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