Every Loan by Every Fractional Reserve Bank is Fraudulent

This video distills the ultimate actions of the bankers and the common mis-understanding:

Hypothetically, a “fractional reserve Bank” loan you $100; $80 is paid back but then is defaulted by non-payment.  How much profit/loss does the bank have?

The common misunderstanding is that the bank losses $20.  This is untrue as the bank did not have the $100 before the debt obligation/negotiable instrument was signed.

Someone that comprehends that the $100 did not exist before the contract was signed would say the the bank made $80.  This is accurate on the balance sheet of the bank.  However, the banks are doing many other things with the debt.

Title Companies take the Promissory Note and duplicate the debt many times over for “insurance” and “security.”  These additional copies of the debt (liabilities) are themselves underwritten with new numbers on the asset side of the ledger to match the negotiable instrument copies.  In the financial realm, this duplication of negotiable instruments/DEBT-“money” is called “re-hypothecation.”

The City of London Corporation is allowed to REHYPOTHECATE an unlimited number of times!  Unlimited Rehypothecation is The (Statutory) Law in the City of London Corporation.  All banks have some kind of Office there so to be able to rehypothecate ANY international Negotiable Instrument- which is all of them.

After underwriting the $100 with new digits in a computer, the bank then insures the debt by underwriting the insurance, creating additional copies of the debt instrument.  The bank then Sells the debt to another HOLDER for further duplication called “securitization” into financial derivatives and financial options by issuance of more negotiable instruments and underwritten with more debt duplication.

Thus, the bank is profiting $200 on the original defaulted $100 loan that was not fully paid.  The New HOLDER of the original Note can simply underwrite the note with new “insurance” debt to pay the unpaid debt or trade the original Note with any Treasury Window, in the UNITED STATES, INC it is the State or Federal Treasury.

All told, I wouldn’t be surprised if every home mortgage, car loan, credit card, and student loan is duplicated/rehypothecated 10-15 times over.

The Entire UNITED STATES, INC monetary and financial system was based upon such staggering levels of accounting fraud it may seem unbelievable!

One of the benefits of using debt as “legal tender” is that debt is protected speech under the (second) US Incorporated Constitution – First Amendment (not to be confused with the First Organic Constitution).  Anyone that can put their signature on a piece of paper can create any amount of debt!

Every loan by every bank literally depends on us being our own bank.  The promissory note is the “debt-money” that the bank then “lends” back to us with interest and surety (such as the house).  Meanwhile, the promissory note pays for the transaction, in full.  Every Loan by every bank is an unlawful contract that sells us our own debt back to us for a second payment, where-by if the second payment is not made, the bank unlawfully (but legally) steals our house/property/human rights/etc.

The “Credit River Decision” judicially confirms this:

So, the solution to having issued the bank the debt that enslaves us, we can issue them more of our own debt.  Every American National may issue “debt as speech” negotiable instruments private bonds money orders.  Upon dishonor, remedy by the banks requires them to underwrite the negotiable instrument with NEW debt.

This underwriting with new debt is a reason why banks wait three days before “transferring” funds…  upon the fourth day, the negotiable instrument “check” becomes dishonored allowing the receiving bank to underwrite the negotiable instrument with NEW DEBT.  The NEW DEBT -as numbers in a computer- is entered into the receivers account and the redundant debt is removed from the senders account to make it look like a transfer.

The funds are then most likely move to the black off-ledger accounting books.  duplicating checks is yet another method and instance of debt duplication!

When the check for a car loan/home mortgage is issued, the back end processes are described above.  When the check is deposited, every check is dishonored and then duplicated, as further described.  This adds another layer of debt duplication.

Debt creation and duplication rises exponentially.  Debt duplication does NOT trail off logarithmically as the banks spin.  Federal Reserve Banks never lose money/debt because they create it in infinite amounts.

The Counsel on Foreign Relations has papers stating:

Special Federal Reserve Board Account no. 5525525424AM with account name of Spiritual Wonder Boy and with standing balance of US$ 2, 178, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 reconfirmed and reconsidered matured audit dated December 1, 2008 that guaranteed and reconfirmed earned worth of US$ 410, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 from the month of October up to this month in the total of US$ 2, 588, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000.

This is 2.588 million trillion trillion trillion trillion (which is four trillions stacked in a row).  Put another way, 2.588 billion billion billion billion billion billion (which is six billions stacked in a row).  2.588 septendecillion Federal Reserve Notes.  This is in the Federal Reserve Banking system.  Janet Yellen knows about that account.

This may be why the World through the Chinese and Russians are no longer accepting Federal Reserve Notes as International Reserve Currency and are backing the new international currencies with GOLD.  This loss of status is so important that the CEO and VP of the UNITED STATES, Inc met with Federal Reserve Head Janet Yellen.

The Chinese and Russians comprehend the importance of their economy being a rounding error to SPIRITUAL WONDER BOY trust account operated by the Federal Reserve System.

Meanwhile, the US MSM (corporate propaganda) does not discuss the Credit River Decision:


9 thoughts on “Every Loan by Every Fractional Reserve Bank is Fraudulent”

  1. 10%, or 10:1 fractional reserve rate means add a zero to any amount you borrow from a bank; that’s how much they have added value to lend against your signed, original promissory note.


    1. There is no such thing as “Fractional Reserve Rate”. There is a FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Lending Reserve Rate, but not a fractional reserve rate. The term is a Fractional Reserve Ratio and Money Multiplier. Wikipedia seem so like to argue that these two terms are “linked” by the math in the FEDERAL RESERVE white Paper Modern Money Mechanics.

      These are two different independent numbers. The amount of debt banks are required to keep “on hand” is stated to be about 10:1 until about $3 million dollars… which isn’t much in “mortgage markets” these days. More than this magic $3 million and banks do not have any more “reserve requirements” and the Fractional Reserve Ratio goes to 0, quite literally and mathematically by law. The $3 million magic number came into being with the Banking Law Changes from the Financial crisis of 2007/8 of the US, Inc to protect the banks from their own excessive debt creation.

      The Money Multiplier becomes theoretically infinite… however, the Money Multiplier has a defined limited amount. which is why these numbers are INDEPENDENT.

      The way mortgages are typically underwritten is like this: a mortgage house that is NOT A BANK takes the promissory note, and underwrites it with ENTIRELY NEW DOBT because that is what the note is worth… and is pre-paid in full with the new debt that represents it. There are no reserve requirements here in any way.

      When a $100 is/was deposited in a Federal Reserve Bank, the bank considers the deposit to be a LOAN to the bank, and loans the $100 into your account with NEW DEBT… and no reserve requirements. The bank then has $100 in cash that you gave them, plus the $100 from the loan of $100 they made into your account to look like a deposit.

      The bank now has $200, where before it had $0. That $100 in deposit can then be “fractionally loaned in the ways that MODERN MONEY MECHANICs indicates: where $90 can be loaned from it, then $81, then $73, etc etc.

      The story of the $100 in your account is its own debt.

      If $100 -in the artificial person name- is “withdrawn” in cash: The cash is not the same $100 you deposited. You only get $10 of the original $100 cash back. The other $90 comes from other deposits, and is unavailable for them to use -as per law-.

      If the $100 is transferred by CHECK (which is a money order unto itself) a very interesting process happens in US Banks: After transacting, upon depositing the check, the bank underwrites it with all new account balance debt and puts it in the depositors account. Within the interim three days, they depositing bank tells the funding bank to remove the funds to look like a transfer. So upon deposit, there is a spare $100 floating around that the banks seem to share. The depositing bank then SELLS/TRADES the check-negotiable instrument to the government/banking system for more debt and rehypothecation. So a Check is not a transfer, it merely looks like one.

      To frame this in more simple terms, The Debt in the account at the depositing bank (new underwritten debt) represents the Check (a new debt), that represents debt in a source bank (new underwritten debt), that represents the check/negotiable instrument/cash/etc used to “back the deposit loan into the source account.” The Deposit PAPER into the source bank itself is sourced from nothing, just like these banking steps, in recursion.

      Using Credit Cards and debit Cards is even worse. Banks create vast amounts of debt using Credit Card machinations. That is why they are SO PROFITABLE for banks… it is not just 100% profit as the debt they loan comes from thing. They are earning 105%-1000%+ on CREDIT CARDS.

      Every bank deposit is a loan, meaning that banks automatically earn 100% profit on every deposit. How “fractional reserve ratios” apply to US Banks is purely a deception, particularly when considering the “recent significant” changes in banking codes.


      1. Well, what you said if true, is a bit hard to follow, maybe if you could document it a little better, would be helpful, because tracking and proving the ruse is important, for legal purposes, confronting & contesting bank practices re: terms of original loan contracts, fraud, failure to disclose, unauthorized practices re: one’s promissory note/negotiable instrument, etc. Yes the fractional reserve rate used to expand the money supply (bank credit) is documented in “Modern Money Mechanics,” we know is true from the Fed’s own admission. I read somewhere recently it only applies to consumer loans, while corporate loans (derivatives) have essentially unlimited leverage/expansion/rehypothecation value. However I did not find any references to support that last part. Certainly the rates banks earn on credit cards is usurious. A person who doesn’t know their rights essentially has none, and knowing how creditors break the law is essential to one’s freedom & property, one’s very self.


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