Whistleblower John Perkins: IMF loans launders Debt-Money for Private Banking Systems

The first hour of this program is the guest John Perkins, who wrote “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”.  He diagrams that the debt-money “loans” that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) issues to impoverished nations is funneled to big banks rather than the country, then the country is left slashing programs to pay for it.  If the leader of the nation does not agree to the IMF loan, Economic Hit men do what they need to do to remove them from power so their slavery regime is accepted.

These International Monetary Fund loans come from NOTHING- the same place as the Federal Reserve, Bank of England, People’s Bank of China, European Central Bank, Reserve Bank of India, Central Bank of Brazil, Central Bank of Russia, the Bank for International Settlement, etc get their “debt”.  The “debt” as “tender” is created after the promissory note is signed by the agents of the governmental services corporation Country.

The IMF “loans” -negotiable instruments that are their own value, without any need to be paid back-  are put onto the liabilities side of “debt banks” liabilities side of their ledgers; where the banks then underwrite THEIR COPY of the debt-money bye entering digits into their assets side of the ledger.

Most (if not all) Central Banks are entities that transact our BIRTH CERTIFICATES as negotiable instruments (bank notes!).  The nationally used “legal tender” they issue publicly is backed by our legal presence’s corporate franchise INSURANCE TRUST PUBLIC OFFICE Birth Certificate Negotiable Instruments.  As I have come to understand, roughly 80-90% of the World’s Birth Certificates are funneled through the “governmental services corporation” [Central Banks] to the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation on 55 Water Street, New York City.  Apparently, Hurricane Sandy Destroyed $36.5 trillion worth of ORIGINAL Birth Certificates in the basement of the DTCC.

DTCC is engaging in a LOT of “securities” fraud besides Birth Certificates.

After the destruction of all those Birth Certificates, the STATES needed to create new Birth Certificate Securities.  The Vital Records of each STATE will only issue it UPON REQUEST.  Many of the new Birth Certificates are electronic based with all kinds of bar codes, inventory control numbers (the “listed” Birth Certificate artificial person is the inventory!), and tracking codes.  They also have subtle changes to them as well.  (The originals were on file, but they could create a lot more debt by creating new negotiable instruments rather than making true copies of the originals).


The Great Dissolution

Wall Street was the number one casuality of the Sand Man or Sandy the Huricane. By holding the high winds over Manhattan so long a two day shut down of the Markets allowed the Galactics with computers from their Ships to dismantle the trading of Birth Certificate Bonds. Wall Street and specifically 55 Water Street were dismantled from the inside. Maritime Law which holds your Birth Certificate Bonds as the Gross National Product and you as a slave from your moment of Birth into the Maritime system was wiped off their screens. All of their records are gone. All of their bank accounts balance to Zero.

Where before they held your secured registered Birth Certificate and Libor number, it has disappeared. You are dissengaged from the system. Fifty-five Water Street held all the records for the Birth Certificate Gross National Product listings for over 190 Countries on Earth and those too have been wiped out. You are no longer a number which is cashed in upon your Death.

Receive Channellings as you will, others discuss Birth Certificates being in 55 Water Street, Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation.

And lastly, the DTCC Statement on Condition of Securities Vault:

DTCC is engaged in active discussions with representatives of various transfer agents for the purpose of establishing a protocol for the issuance of replacement certificates, without requiring the presentation of the original certificates.

According to DTCC, they are issuing replacement debts (which are NEW debts/money).  Issuing is a legal term for ISSUING new negotiable instruments.  The IMF is accessing these funds/trusts of the artificial persons to create new debt that is then “loaned” back to the country for a second payment with interest.  The primary business of the IMF (and every central bank) is extortion.

The IMF is doing nothing more than loaning countries their own Promise to Pay back to them with interest, and then giving the debt to private banks.  Every loan by the IMF is fraud.



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