Australia Denies Voters Access for Being Artificial Persons of “Unsound Mind”

Having any “artificial person” declared of “unsound mind” is a simple administrative procedure that is ASSUMED to be true upon accusation without any proof nor burden of proof necessary.  Artificial Persons are corporate constructs owned by the STATE/Nation/etc.

An “artificial person” TRADE-NAME© is a corporate franchise TRUST created in our likeness to “represent” us within the governmental service corporations.  These “artificial [legal] persons” are “PERSONS” unto themselves according to standard corporate protocol despite representing us.

The Artificial Person is a “Second You.”  The Artificial Person is a corporation named like you but with upper case letters, that has your picture likeness, it has your birth day, yet it is a distinct entity separate and apart from you, as a human.

The “Artificial Person” corporate insurance franchise trust TRADE-NAME©, being a corporation on paper only, does not have a mind.  Confusing the “artificial person” TRADE-NAME© corporation with ourselves as humans is grounds for not having a mind, thus being of unsound mind.

Hiring any B.A.R. Attorney makes the client a ward of the state, and all wards of the state are either infants or of unsound mind.

The comical part, is that to vote in any governmental service corporation such as Australia, one must have a VOTER REGISTRATION, which is an “Artificial person” -that does not have a mind-  which is stepped into during the act of voting, which is the same as hiring an attorney, and opening mail to an artificial person.  Claiming to be a artificial person that the human is not is called PERJURY.  It would be the same thing as the CEO of UNITED STATES, INC claimed to ACTUALLY BE the United States, Inc.  As the CEO of an UPPER CASE TRADE-NAME©, one is NOT the TRADE-NAME Corporation!

Thus, it is by simple non-existence of accusation that humans are “allowed” to vote for their single [corporate] party masters operating a corporate governmental services corporation.

It is quite “mindless” to confuse one’s human being-ness with an artificial person corporate insurance franchise TRADE-NAME© trust legal presence.

One of the best solutions is to entirely withdraw consent from the governmental services corporation.  There are many ways to do this legally and lawfully.

Becoming a World Citizen automatically triggers “relinquishment of US Citizenship” Title 8 U.S.C. §1481 – Loss of Nationality.  It is up to the World Citizen then to be a dual citizen (which the U.S. Inc does NOT recognize), and/or surrender the old contracts (passports, driver’s licenses, birth certificates, SSN, voter ID card, etc) to the degree one is comfortable with, and/or simply be a World Citizen only.

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