Venezuela Hyperinflation Destroying Nation, Canary in Coal Mine for World

This Is The Maximum Amount Of Cash You Can Take Out At A Venezuela ATM

For those wondering, the fistful of cash is worth about $25.

The good news: those locals lucky enough to still have money in a Venezuela bank don’t need a wheelbarrow to carry it.

The bad news: those same locals soon will.

Things are so bad in Venezuela that they are requiring FINGER PRINTS to get food.

It is called the “Fingerprints for Food” program by the socialist government, as reported by the Miami Herald. With it, people can only get minimal goods, medicine and supplies from the state-owned grocery stores.

Maduro said fingerprinting was necessary to prevent hoarding and to keep price-controlled food from being resold for profit

The BIOMETRIC data is PRIVATE PROPERTY.  In order for a governmental services corporation to have and use our private property -at least in relation to the foreclosed UNITED STATES, INCORPORATED- is that all private property requires just compensation for public use.

Our finger print data is WORTH DEBT and the governmental services corporation is taking our property without any compensation.  If people were paid to have their private property legalized (such as fingerprints), then they wouldn’t need the fraudulent services of these corporations pretending to be governments.

These governments are LINKING our finger prints to the legal presence artificial person trade name corporation insurance franchise.  This is to say, these governmental services corporations are literally telling us that ARTIFICIAL PERSONS are NOT human yet have finger prints!

Artificial persons do no have hands, does not have a mouth, does not have a body.  An Artificial person does NOT have a mind nor psyche to examine by a legal “psychiatrist.”  Anyone who is confusing themselves with an artificial person is a “ward of the state”.

So, Artificial persons who GET the Venezuelan “basic necessities” have “surrendered” their private property fingerprints for something less than they deserve.  In fact, in order to BE a Venezuelan, the human must step into the artificial person which requires minimum wage payment for being the CEO/President of the PUBLIC OFFICE TRADE NAME.  Put another way, in order for Venezuelans to get “basic necessities” one must first get paid equal to or above minimum wage.

Most Venezuelans do not overstand that their ID is an artificial person.  Here is a Venezuelan ID that has a name in all UPPER CASE showing the nature of the CORPORATION that represents the human within the governmental services corporation.

The “money” hyper-inflation is causing a lot of issues:

Exclusive: Supermarkets descend into chaos as Venezuela crisis deepens

In almost any other country, going food shopping is an afterthought. You head to the market, buy food then head home.

But in Venezuela, where the economy is on the brink of collapse, food shopping has become an adventure.

There’s an hours-long wait to enter the supermarkets. Shelves are empty. Meat and chicken, and even diapers, are nowhere to be found. People are so desperate for food that fights break out in the aisles.

Venezuela Drifts Into New Territory: Hunger, Blackouts and Government Shutdown

The courts? Closed most days. The bureau to start a business? Same thing. The public defender’s office? That’s been converted into a food bank for government employees.

Step by step, Venezuela has been shutting down.

This country has long been accustomed to painful shortages, even of basic foods. But Venezuela keeps drifting further into uncharted territory.

In recent weeks, the government has taken what may be one of the most desperate measures ever by a country to save electricity: A shutdown of many of its offices for all but two half-days each week.

But that is only the start of the country’s woes. Electricity and water are being rationed, and huge areas of the country have spent months with little of either.

Many people cannot make international calls from their phones because of a dispute between the government and phone companies over currency regulations and rates.

Coca-Cola Femsa, the Mexican company that bottles Coke in the country, has even said it was halting production of sugary soft drinks because it was running out of sugar.

Last week, protests turned violent in parts of the country where demonstrators demanded empty supermarkets be resupplied. And on Friday, the government said it would continue its truncated workweek for an additional 15 days.

“There’s been plenty of problems, but one thing I haven’t seen until now is protests simply to get food,” said David Smilde, a Caracas-based analyst for the Washington Office on Latin America, a human rights group, referring to the demonstrations last week.

The growing economic crisis — fueled by low prices for oil, the country’s main export; a drought that has crippled Venezuela’s ability to generate hydroelectric power; and a long decline in manufacturing and agricultural production — has turned into an intensely political one for President Nicolás Maduro. This month, he declared a state of emergency, his second this year, and ordered military exercises, citing foreign threats.

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