Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter claims US Military Underwrites Debt Securities for Asia

US Declares Hegemony Over Asia


Never has US intentions in Asia been so obvious. Attempts to portray America’s role in the region as constructive or necessary have been ongoing since the end of World War II, however, recently, with Asia able to begin determining its own destiny for itself, the tone from Washington has become increasingly curt and direct.

US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter’s remarks during the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore were all but a proclamation of US hegemony over Asia – a region of the planet quite literally an ocean away from Washington.

In Reuters’ article, “U.S. flexes muscles as Asia worries about South China Sea row,” Secretary Carter is quoted as saying:

The United States will remain the most powerful military and main underwriter of security in the [Asian] region for decades to come – and there should be no doubt about that.

The US, besides implied exceptionalism, never fully explains why it believes underwriting security for an entire region of the planet beyond its own borders is somehow justified.

The statements made by U.S., INC SECRETARY OF DEFENSE ASHTON CARTER, are a direct reference to the debt facilities of underwriting negotiable instruments.   He even calls the Negotiable Instruments “SECURITIES.”

“Underwriting” is a very specific legal activity of “creating debt” out of thin air.

“Security’ is singular for deceptive purposes.  He should be saying “Securities.”

Given the new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the New Gold Back Renminbi (Chinese Dollar) that is NOT convertible to FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES, there is MUCH doubt as to whether ASHTON CARTER is accurate in this instance.

There is also a few potentials that ASHTON CARTER is now referring to…

Potentially, BRICS now owns the UNITED STATES, INC and are forcing the US, INC to underwrite the debt securities for ASIA, INC.

It is highly probable that these SECURITIES being UNDERWRITTEN by the US Department of Defense are being used for CORPORATE (anti-human) purposes that degrade the actual physical stability/security of Asia.


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