Marriage and Divorce: What Nobody Tells Us

These legal fiction judges and attorneys are operating a slavery system.  They compel us into being a corporation that is NOT us without telling us.  The issue is that these attorneys and judges are operating an account IN OUR UPPER CASE NAME!  The Divorce Court is the operation of these Foreign Situs Trusts/Cestui Que Vie Trusts called LEGAL PRESENCES.  These Divorce Courts are nothing but BANKERS COURTS for the advantage of Attorneys.

A Marriage Certificate is a BANK NOTE “representing” the PARTNERSHIP LABOR UNION – of two legal presence artificial PERSON corporate insurance franchises.  It is the Insurance Product that unionizes the FEMALE corporation and MALE corporation.  The DIVORCE CERTIFICATE is another Bank Note creating the insurance separating these two legal entities.

The LABOR UNION is a commercial transaction to create new ARTIFICIAL PERSONS by MAN-u/facturing the sperm through the womb in LABOR, for delivery from the mother’s water for currency/current-sea by the banks/shores.

A shinto-istic view of a Marriage Certificate and Divorce Certificate is an energetic device of debt (being bank notes) that robs the relationship of energy (via “insurance”).  I know several people who have ditched their Marriage Certificate and their relationships returned to “normal.”


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