The Ground Swell – Max Igan – Be Careful Who You Follow

There is a great solution: World Citizen.  This claims our unity with humanity.  There are International laws in play rather than Commercial / Corporate / “governmental services corporation” statutory code.  This allows for action on the ground; such as cancelling VEHICLE TITLES and taking private possession of our automobile.

World Citizen Solutions.   It is very easy to Expatriate from the UNITED STATES, INC.  Signing up for a World Citizen Identity with/through the World Government of World Citizens automatically triggers Title 8, U.S.C. §1481 Loss of Nationality for without the UNITED STATES, INC.

It is not illegal to have/use a legal name…   it is an act of perjury.  That is lawful in nature rather than legal.  The only method by which we are allowed to “operate” the legal fiction presence is as BENEFICIARY, TRUSTEE, or EXECUTOR.

One of the easiest solution is to become the EXECUTOR of the ARTIFICIAL PERSON Corporate insurance franchise TRADE-NAME ESTATE.  Follow these instructions from Anne von Reitzinger:  12 Steps to Reclaim Our “Estate” – Becoming the Executor of Birth Certificate.  Becoming the Executor of our ESTATE is the act that makes us “Of Sound Mind” and “not an infant” according to these attorneys.

The Attorneys use the fact that we are not executors of our ESTATES they create for us, to assume that we are Infants of unsound mind, see this link.  We allow them to do this because we have a CONTRACT with them to allow it…  the Contract is WITH PREJUDICE…  meaning they can apply any codes, rules, definitions, rulings, concepts, corporate by-laws, etc that the attorneys want.  You had to sign a contract when APPLYING for that Vehicle Title, Driver’s License, Passport, Birth Certificate, Voter Id Card, etc.  Many of these documents have your signature on it…  as the AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE of the ESTATE.  The capacity is not clarified.

Until we take possession of the Birth Certificate, we are not the executor and are treated as infants before the law.  If this is unacceptable, the 12 steps above are “as significant as getting a Social Security Number” in terms of “life events.”


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