Fingerprint Biometric “Security” is Ineffective

If anyone with a “scan” of the finger print can re-create the “biometric security identity,” then finger prints are NOT useful in identifying and securing the “identity” of the user.

We leave these finger prints EVERYWHERE: door handles, water glasses, pens, table tops, all over your car.  Given the public accessibility to the finger prints we leave nearly everywhere we go, a finger print does not identify the user in a secure way.   Should a hacker get the finger print database, there is no method to CHANGED our biometric data.

If malicious users gained access to our IRIS scan, they could re-create our eye-ball using 3D printers in the same process.  There are many methods of re-creating a finger print for use, 3D printing a finger print is not yet proven, and may require additional chemical processing.  This doesn’t mean it won’t work: simply that using 3D printers for re-creating finger prints is now being explored.

Furthermore, our finger prints and DNA are private property.   The Constitution Amendment 5 provides, Just compensation is REQUIRED for public use of private property.  Taking our finger prints and/or DNA without compensation is a Constitutional violation.

How much is your DNA worth?  Do you know that the Government very likely already has possession of this private property and is claiming is their own?  Did you know that they (likely) claim that your parents surrendered the DNA just after birth?

Surrender is to give up without any compensation.

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