The Foreclosed UNITED STATES, INC Corporation Militarized The CDC

The UNITED STATES, INC (EIN: ) is not only foreclosed, but is now authorizing the militarization of a child corporation CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION (Duns and Bradstreet Number: 927645465 and EIN: 04-3797580).

Former President BARRACK H. OBAMA (legal fiction) of the foreclosed UNITED STATES, INC (EINs: 52-1943749, 52-2283179, 52-1259974, 72-0564834 and “AG 59880464 A”) issued an unlawful Executive Order to Quarantine [read: arrest] Zika exposed and/or infected U.S. Citizens.   Zika infections can be cured with simple anti-virus prescriptions.


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