Definitive Proof all Driver’s Licenses are Illegal Adhesion Contracts

The foreclosed Bankrupt Governmental Services Corporations (what people call “governments” world wide) all would claim that it is ILLEGAL to not have one of their ILLEGAL ADHESION CONTRACTS based upon all the adhesion contracts being WITH PREJUDICE (aka, all the laws apply whether or not you agree to them and/or were told).

Indeed, Across the UNITED STATES, INC incorporated STATES deny applications for Driver’s Licenses when signed “WITHOUT PREJUDICE [U.C.C. 1-308]” because it stops their illegal adhesion contracts.  The Social Security Administration specifies that writing “without prejudice”, “under protest”, and/or “with reservation” invalidates all APPLICATION[S] FOR SOCIAL SECURITY (Form SS-5) because it “alters the signature.”

Directly from the Social Security Administration Website:


Here are a few other sources of due diligence around ILLEGAL ADHESION CONTRACTS called Driver’s Licenses:

Furthermore, it is noted that all of the following are illegal adhesion contracts by the governmental services corporation:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Social Security [Numbers]
  • Driver’s Licenses
  • Passports
  • Voter ID Cards
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Military Service Contracts
  • Medical Licenses
  • Pet Licenses
  • Hunting and Fishing Permits
  • Gun Licenses
  • HAM Radio Licenses
  • Drone Licenses
  • Vehicle Titles
  • Vehicle Registrations
  • Building Permits (the Gov. Service Corporation claims legal ownership of all land, we are only tenants upon THEIR land, so we need authorization to change THEIR property)
  • Every Business License
  • Education Diplomas (These are registered instruments)
  • Student IDs (Student IDs refer to Birth Certificate Like BANK NOTES creating new legal fiction presences within the University/College.  University of Michigan issued “Birth Certificate like” documents prior to 2001 when they went digital.  These documents are underwritten with NEW DEBT by the Financial Offices and/or the notes are SOLD FOR PROFIT to the Governmental Services Corporation of the State.)
  • Property Taxes
  • Income Taxes
These adhesion contracts are ONLY required by mere existence of the With Prejudice Adhesion Contracts.  Put another way, if the illegal adhesion contract does not exist, it cannot be REQUIRED, as per Statutory Code, legal precedence, Common Law, International Law, The Constitution, and Natural Law.
This is not to say that we should specifically violate the law, and/or do things that harm others…  Just that the government CANNOT get involved in private matters using their illegal adhesion contracts.  The Right To Travel still respects traffic flow; gun owners still respect life and safety; Drone owners still respect general safety; Hunting and Fishing still respects wild life; and Medical Providers still respect the Hermetic Oath (to only benefit life).  etc.
Here is an article on how Marriage Certificates are ILLEGAL ADHESION CONTRACTS:

Marriage License is a Trap

We innocently forfeit our legal and parental rights when we purchase a marriage license. 

Rich writes:
I wanted to pass along some VERY important information regarding marriage, the marriage contract, contract law, the state and children. This has helped me see the TRUE DANGER in getting married today.I have been studying the law intensely for the past few years and learned all about maritime law, contract law, trusts, corporations, policies, common law and how nearly ALL such “laws” today are not laws at all, but are merely Policies. They’re operating under pretense of law. That is why police today are in fact called Police…because they enforce POLIC(E)-IES… NOT laws.  They actually work for the insurance companies who are themselves owned by the banks, especially the Federal Reserve central banks.

7 thoughts on “Definitive Proof all Driver’s Licenses are Illegal Adhesion Contracts”

  1. I assume state Medicaid is definitely adhesion contract. Does it give personum jurisdiction?


    1. Yes. It’s worse than most adhesion contracts as it is a DISEASE MANAGEMENT “contract”. “Contract” in quotes as much as a single signature is a “contract” between two entities… that requires both to sign to be valid. A one sided “contract” is not a contract.

      It does give personal jurisdiction for them to directly access, control, and operate our human body through their fictions of law.

      Two groups of people are authorized to wage war against humanity.: Attorneys and Medical Doctors.

      Health Contracts enable doctors to simply make health declarations without your authorization. It strips us of our human body.

      The Driver’s Organ Donor check box is equally as insidious.


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