Hague Convention of 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents points to all Member Parties Being Religious Organizations


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The Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents is a very important Treaty between corporations called “States.”  This treaty regulates how “nations” (governmental service corporations) recognize each other’s Passports, Driver’s Licenses, Birth certificates, Death Certificates, Marriage Certificates,  School Diplomas, etc.

The Convention calls each Member a “Contracting State.”  The most basic summary of the contract is that it makes chattel with its “Citizens” out of the Nationals that the People, of every location, truly are.

Placing an “APOSTILLE” on the documents certifies the signature is authenticating for use in a foreign Contracting State.

The UNITED STATES, DEPARTMENT OF STATE issues two different types of documents: 1) Apostille   2) Certificate of Authentication

The Certificate of Authentication is for authenticating documents used outside the Member Contracting States.  It gives other non-member States/Corporations a method to chattel-ize their “citizens” without overt compliance.

The Apostille is for Authenticating documents between Member States.  It hold “less legal authority” and allows for expanded permeability of chattel which Certificate of Authentications decline.  So Certificates of Authentication may be refused due to the Apostille adhesion contract needed for the Contracting State to take more liberties with the corporate franchise Artificial PERSON TRADE-NAME.

The Term “APOSTILLE” is a SIGIL MAGIC expansion of the word APOSTLE.   Wikipedia provides:

The Friberg Greek Lexicon gives a broad definition as one who is sent on a mission, a commissioned representative of a congregation, a messenger for God, a person who has the special task of founding and establishing churches. The UBS Greek Dictionary also describes an apostle broadly as a messenger. The Louw-Nida Lexicon gives a very narrow definition of a special messenger, generally restricted to the immediate followers of Jesus, or extended to some others like Paul or other early Christians active in proclaiming the gospel.

Put another way, there are religious connotations from using an “Apostille”/Apostle between these “STATES” authorized by the Papal TRUSTs (Specifically Papel Bulls: Unam Sanctam, Romanus Pontifex, Aeterni Regis, and Convocation).

It was shown before, that “IN GOD WE TRUST” is more accurately translated to “IN THE VATICAN WE ESTATE” which is found on every FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE, and above Podium in the House of Representatives.  The same entity owns the Federal Reserve System (a private corporation) and The House of Representatives.  EINs for the Federal Reserve System, the White House, Congress, and House of Representatives showing they are separate corporate entities.

There is plenty of evidence demonstrating that CONTRACTING STATES are religious organizations, particularly if they are using APOST(IL)LEs to officiate communication.  EL has many meanings such as: light, energy of, imbuing energy into.  the vowel is somewhat interchangeable between e, i, and a.  examples:  person-al, relation-al, el-ement, ment-al.

“Governments” are religious institutions, with faith in corporations, debt, and dishonor.  For instance, Driver’s Licenses are illegal adhesion contracts and cannot be required, by law.  If incompetent policy enforcers enforce their codes as if it is illegal to NOT have their unlawful adhesion contracts, it is still a crime for them to convert basic human rights -such as travel- into a benefit for a fee.  The exercise of the Right to Travel is with Impunity (meaning “corporate policy enforcement” actions can be IGNORED WITHOUT CONSEQUENCE).

The Making of governmental communications into a religious message is the mingling of Church and State…  With implicit and explicit authority to ignore the Church because they own the whole corporate slavery system world-wide and are party to the  Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents as the HOLY SEE.



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