State Sponsored Forensic Psychiatry- Wards of Debt Collectors

State sponsored “psychiatry” is being used to steal peoples’ private properties.  The above is an example of how ARTIFICIAL PERSONS -being without a mind- are declared “of unsound mind” and thus wards of the court…  which then the court assumes control of all personal property via the trust.

The Forensic Psychiatric officers are “Wards” of the artificial persons.  These “MEDICAL DOCTORS LEGAL FICTION”s certify that a corporation (which is literally a piece of paper) -used to “represent the human being” is of “unsound mind” as it does not have a mind with which to “think.”

While in the “care of the  state”, the corporate state is assuming by confusing the human being with/as the artificial person; through illegal adhesion contracts (such as Birth Certificates, SSNs, Driver’s licenses, etc).  The confusion of the human being with the artificial person is a crime -in many ways-, a violation of human several rights, and a lie -a legal fiction (a rule assuming as true something that is clearly false)-.

The human being is an entirely different “PERSON” from the artificial PERSON CORPORATION INSURANCE FRANCHISE TRADE NAME TRUST.   A living man couldn’t be declared legally deceased if the artificial person was not its own entity separate from the living human being.  By associating with the artificial person, via confusion and/or deception -ignorance of the law is no excuse-, it allows the corporate governments to apply WITH PREJUDICE [opposite of “without prejudice“: no loss of rights] (meaning: maximum loss of rights, capitis deminutio maxima, slavery, they can do/assume anything they want, including guilt until proven innocent in their statutory/military courtrooms with Gold Fringed US Flags).

The conversion of a human being into an artificial person is slavery/personage/barrastry.  Under that system, All human output is surrendered for worthless debt issued in near-infinite amounts and the output is assumed to be property of the legal system simply for associating with the legal system.  Where is slavery to a governmental services corporation a part of the social and actual contract?  It is an invisible adhesion contract.  Or are the officers assuming “WITH PREJUDICE” that humanity “accepts” such human rights atrocities by the governmental services corporation?

These Artificial Persons are the STATUTORY PERSONS which STATUTE CODE POLICY applies.  These Psychiatric Wards are institutions allowing the state to collect the Debt of the unlawful legal CHARGES, which should be simply paid by the “Pro-se/cutor” with GSA Standard Forms 24, 25, 25A, 273, 274, and 275, with Optional Forms 90 and 91 and the birth certificate.  The Birth Certificate is a bank note worth a lot of debt (which is essentially worthless):

The Vital Records for Department of Health, State of California has a position: BANK NOTE SPECIALIST.  This bank note specialist for vital records told me, and I quote, “It [the California Birth Certificate] wouldn’t be a bank note without the bar code.”  Nicholas Demitrovitch, Attorney for the Counsel of Legal Affairs, State of Montana, author of 50% of the Birth Certificate laws in Montana said: ‘The Birth Certificate significantly changes the legal status of the child.’  Right!  The Birth Certificate is the creation of the LEGAL CORPORATION INSURANCE FRANCHISE STATUTORY ARTIFICIAL “PERSON” TRUST ACCOUNT DBA TRADE NAME (the name of the Child in all UPPER CASE).

Withdraw support for any government that knowingly and intentionally currently commits crimes upon its citizens.  For instance, any governmental services corporation that intentionally fluoridates its water is criminally poisoning the population.  The existence of a Statute (code, aka “law”) allowing/mandating fluoridation does not make poisoning the population legal.  Fluoride decreases IQ in children by 1 point every 2.1 years.  Each year Americans Loose 97 Million IQ points from drinking fluoridated water.


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