Cops vs Humanity: Comply or Die

Compliance is no longer enough to “be safe” when interacting with legal fictional CORPORATE POLICY ENFORCERS.  They take their job of  BEING THREATENED and KILLING PEOPLE (aka: an egocentric projection of the policy enforcers threatening everyone around them, including those who comply).  Some Policy Enforcers stole this author’s private property automobile…  They are a direct threat to capitalism if they refuse to protect/enforce/allow private property by stealing all private property (by legalizing it, under color of law [1873] /statutory code [1933/1938]/marshal law-Leiber Code [1863])

When compliance itself could mean death, what authority do these policy enforcers have?  Who investigates and puts policy enforcers on trial?  The Government has a vested interest in ALLOWING maximal abuse upon its citizenry (which is actually literal slavery, maybe with extra steps).  There is no “self-defense” allowed against policy enforcers whom are mere DEBT COLLECTORS for a criminal and corrupt legal system of the UNITED STATES, INC…  who operate the governmental services corporation slavery system.  Furthermore, it has become increasingly enforced as illegal to expose any illegal behavior of a “governmental services corporation agent/official.”  The governmental agencies refuse to look into any criminal actions as finding any would harm the image of authority, and there is so much!

If both non-compliance and compliance could be death, then how about we get back to basic human rights?  Such as the right to private property?

These policy enforcers “feeling threatened” and killing has an root presumption: The State owns our physical body.  This is technically true- if we attach to their insurance franchise system by having a STATE/NATION issued Birth Certificate, Driver’s License, Social Security, Passport, Voter ID Card, etc, then the physical body is pledged as SURETY for the ARTIFICIAL PERSON-TRADE NAME.  The signature is -by default- WITH PREJUDICE that allows the Corporation pretending to be a GOVERNMENT to apply any and all rules in any ways they see fit regardless of “justice,” “reason,” “evidence,” “fairness,” and “democracy.”  Our signature on these State Issued IDs -which are the artificial person- enables an illegal “invisible” adhesion contract with you AS THAT Artificial Person Corporate Insurance Franchise.  By having an illegal adhesion contract, the Physical Body goes from private property to personal property.  Private property is owned by the human-consciousness-entity without anyone/anything in between.  Personal property is owned by the Governmental Services Corporation (GSC) and only represents ownership, as it is the legal presence artificial person that “owns” the property, and the GSC owns the artificial person corporation.

To see how institutionalize the requirement to sign the way THEY need the signature to be (“with prejudice”), many United States STATE Corporations and the Social Security Administration will reject all applications for “Social Security”/”Driver’s License Identity”/etc if the application is signed “WITHOUT PREJUDICE (U.C.C. 1-308.)”  It is specific explicit policy/regulation to reject applications containing “Without Prejudice” above the signature.

The nature of the signature is important.  The Governmental Services Corporation itself RECOGNIZES the significance, nature, qualities of different kinds of signatures and “statements” around the signature.

Knowledge is power.  By signing documents “without prejudice” it is a small step in receiving our power back.  Legal is no longer an option.  Most American commit 3 felonies a day!  Illegal is also not an option as the criminalization of the entire population “allows” a governmental services corporation to commit heinous crimes upon their population.  And it has already happened!  All American Nationals are Enemies of the State for using a foreign private “bank currency” called FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES.


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