Pedophile VP Joe Biden threatens unilateral unlawful war on Russia

The UNITED STATES, INC- VICE PRESIDENT: JOSEPH BIDEN, an apparent pedophile, and the PRESIDENT-CEO BARACK OBAMA (Barry Soetoro)has threatened Russia with Cyber War without Congressional Authorization as per the Incorporated Constitution’s requirement to do so; as only Congress can declare war.

The Email leaks seem to be coming from a State Actor given their scope.  The Hillary Clinton Company Kabal are blaming the Russians, who do not claim responsibility and call such disclosures a “public service.”  Please note, that the Hillary Clinton Company Kabal are known liars…  Bill Clinton was Impeached from Presidency for lying.  Bill also visited Billionaire Sex-offender Jeffrey Epsein’s “Orgy Island” and Dolly Kyle, one of Bill’s ex-lovers, says he has slept with at least 1000 women.  An intern whistleblower speaks out that at least some of the women he has in his Presidential suite.  Hillary Clinton seems to be protecting a sex offender.  Is that acceptable in a Presidential Canditated?  Even for the position of Corporate CEO of the foreclosed, bankrupt, and dissolved Governmental Services Corporation UNITED STATES, INC?

It seems that pedophile US. INC VP Joe Biden is willing to violate the Constitutions’ War Power Clause to protect the crimes of the Clinton’s, Clinton Foundation, email-gate, and his own indiscretions.

Can these people be stopped?  Why is the US Military receiving orders from the VP who acts as such in the above video?  The US Military has an OATH to protect the Human beings from domestic threats such as the Clinton-Bush Corporate Fascists.  Where is the supposed “New Republic” and/or Monetary Reset-NESARA-GESARA that so many people need so desperately?

At least the military is saying no to some of the most crazy neocon plans to trigger World War 3.

One thought on “Pedophile VP Joe Biden threatens unilateral unlawful war on Russia”

  1. His pedophilia has progressed to the fanatical level..including molestation of grow women. Unfit for any public service. He needs institutionalization to over come his lecherous deviency.


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