US, Inc Aggression invalidates all US, Inc Birth Certificates via Kellogg-Briand Pact

The Kellogg-Briand Pact (1928) from World War 1  provides:

Article I.

The High Contracting Parties solemnly declare in the names of their respective peoples that they condemn recourse to war for the solution of international controvesies, and renounce it as an instrument of national policy in their relations with one another.

Article II.

The High Contracting Parties agree that the settlement or solution of all disputes or conflicts of whatever nature or of whatever origin they may be, which may arise among them, shall never be sought except by pacific means.

Article III.

The present Treaty shall be ratified by the High Contracting Parties named in the Preamble in accordance with their respective constitutional requirements, and shall take effect as between them as soon as all their several instruments of ratification shall have been deposited at Washington.

This Treaty shall, when it has come into effect as prescribed in the preceding paragraph, remain open as long as may be necessary for adherence by all the other Powers of the world. Every instrument evidencing the adherence of a Power shall be deposited at Washington and the Treaty shall immediately upon such deposit become effective as between the Power thus adhering and the other Powers parties hereto.

It shall be the duty of the Government of the United States to furnish each Government named in the Preamble and every Government subsequently adhering to this Treaty with a certified copy of the Treaty and of every instrument of ratification or adherence. It shall also be the duty of the Government of the United States telegraphically to notify such Governments immediately upon the deposit with it of each instrument of ratification or adherence.

The NAME of the people are the Legal Presence representation (with an UPPER CASE NAME, a vessel) of the human in the slavery system Governmental Service Corporation.  The artificial person legal presence insurance franchise corporation trust account trade name is created by BIRTH CERTIFICATE and NATURALIZATION.  The BIRTH CERTIFICATE and NATURALIZATION papers are NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS.  The Birth Certificate and Naturalization INSTRUMENTS are the source of funds for the unlawful wars.

A representation -by itself- wouldn’t be negative…  It’s what the Governmental Services Corporation does with the legal presence account behind the curtain without telling the “citizen-slaves”  that is terrible and damaging.

The War Crimes and Aggression (and support there-of in other aggressing nations) upon other nations by Bush and Obama, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen, etc are NOT legally pacific as they violate international law.  Iraq has seen over a million civilians die as a result of the US, INC Aggression.  These wars of aggression by the UNITED STATES, INC trigger the renunciation of the use of BIRTH CERTIFICATES and NATURALIZATION INSTRUMENTS for any purpose that supports the unlawful wars…  which is all commerce.  Some portion of all commerce is “taxed” and “spent” on these unlawful wars.  Even if all the new debt the US Military underwrites to fund their unlawful adventures is the only source of funds for the US Military, the New Debt value comes from all the existing debt value being slivered off (aka stolen, but equally across all debt.  Large debt holders are the primary funders of new underwritten debt value).

No commerce -in the system- can take place without a BIRTH CERTIFICATE legal presence corporation (a mark of the beast).

Thus, with all the unlawful war by the UNITED STATES, INCORPORATED around the globe, the Birth Certificate INSTRUMENTS are renounced.

Renouncing also occurs with EX-PATRIATION without the UNITED STATES, INC.  Renouncing Citizenship, found in Title 8 U.S.C. §1481 Loss of nationality by native-born or naturalized citizen; voluntary action; burden of proof; presumptions, clearly states that there are two processes by which Loss of Citizenship can occur:  1) Renounce 2) Relinquish.

Renouncing usually requires a $2,000+ USD fee in a US Embassy in a foreign governmental services corporation.  Relinquishment is automatic and free.  It occurs by making an oath to a foreign “government” and/or operating a foreign public office (as per the code/”law”).

Given what Title 8 U.S.C. §1481 says about Renouncing the Birth Certificate Instrument and that US Aggression has caused all Birth Certificate Instruments to be renounced, it could be said that All US Citizen-slaves have become EX-PATRIATES.  Americans have become American Nationals again (and without the US Citizen legal presence.)

It is noted that Legal Presence Corporations only have “PERSON” status due to “CORPORATE PERSONHOOD” doctrine.  Meanwhile, Corporate Personhood is not just a legal fiction, it is also a fraud.  The Actual Judicial Decision/Ruling/Opinion in  Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad (1886) contained nothing about corporations having Constitutional Protected Rights.  The Summary Memo that has no Standing is the only place where Corporations are referenced as having Constitutional Protected Rights.  See this:

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