Fraudulent Government Evidence overturned with “FOIA” Request…

In images:

I found if you get a fine, you can often get out of it by asking for evidence, I received this in response. Now I didn’t like that word “hopefully” so i responded
Forthcoming was sinister enough… She replied;

Then I got an email from someone named “colin” below

Now the photographs they had was are of my window, which had “taxi rank” written on it, by presumably a disgruntled taxi driver.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Lovely how the Governmental Services Corporation evidence is literally bull shittery…   just to create “charges” and extort moar Debt from the US Citizen Slaves

I said Then i just attached this picture…

Oh so then I said

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Yet Colin seems to believe in the ASSUMPTION OF GUILT over that of innocence, and that we are guilty until proven INNOCENT yet their evidence isn’t enough to even “press charges” other than being a LITERAL FICTION.  Please prove your innocence is literally a CRIME and very likely a human rights abuse….   yet Colin is allowed to continue working for the governmental services corporation WITHOUT ANY ACCOUNTABILITY to his forced ideology of “guilt until proven innocent”.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Obviously, when such petty things are so obvious, the governmental services corporation is willing to back down on their BULL SHITTERY.

However, if criminal policy enforcers STEAL a literal private property automobile that is NOT titled in the STATE as personal property, the judges and attorneys seem to be willing to violate their own legal principles in far greater crimes.

This is to say, the degree that the Governmental Services Corporation is willing to “capitulate to the rule of law” depends on how liable they are for the crimes they commit.  The greater the crimes by the Governmental Services Corporation, the more they are willing to unlawfully FIGHT and break their own codes/”laws” for their corrupt legal fictional narrative.   The more codes/laws the governmental service corporate officers violate, the more willing they seem to violate their own laws to get away with prior violations of the rule of law

Look at Hillary Clinton.  It’s looking like if she looses, someone is going to sort through all her crimes and “charge” her legal presence trade name with some crime.  Then again, if she “wins” -most likely by rigging the elections-, Russia has said World War 3 would start… and only if the Military refuses to indict HILLARY CLINTON for leaking top secret nuclear secrets on broadcast Television during her third “debate.”


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