TED Talk: Trevor Aaronson: How this FBI strategy is actually creating US-based terrorists

These Policy Enforcers are CRIMINALS for creating crimes where there is NO CRIME.

As a reminder, creating criminals is a violation of law on many levels.  The fact that this video exists exposes that the FBI is NOT who or what they say they are.

Funding terrorists is against the statutory corporate code, yet the FBI funding terrorists.  There are statutory codes that make funding terrorists is a crime.  How is the FBI and their “individual agents” exempt from terrorist laws?   Is it that they enforce terrorism laws so thus obviously they are permitted to engage in such funding of terrorism to “catch the terrorists”?

Well, if we assume that “taxes” actually go to the government -which President Ronald Reagan commissioned the Grace Commission Report proved that it is 100% of all tax revenue is syphoned off before reaching any “government function”- then taxes that fund the FBI is a crime as the FBI fund terrorists… literally.   It is a crime to pay any portion of taxes to a government that supports the FBI due to the FBI’s creation of terrorism.

The only issue is that the UNITED STATES, INC has basically redefined “terrorism” as violence that any “person” and/or “state” engages in to sway government function (and even policy!) with the exception of the UNITED STATES.  The United States exempts themselves from being terrorists because they are the worst offenders of “state terrorism.”

The “state terrorism” has gotten so bad in the UNITED STATES, INC that citizens and non-citizens are not allowed to own private property, nor exercise any right to travel, nor expatriate…  each of these being basic human rights DEFINED by the UNITED NATIONS (INC).

All rights are seen as benefits by the AGENTS and OFFICERS of and in the UNITED STATES, INCORPORATED.


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