Judicial Watch: Hillary Clinton as guilt as the FBI Director James Comey; Investigation is Cover-up

Notable Comments from the video above:

  • “Fox News Judge” Jeanine Pirro, All Access Pass 00:00: Put case together OUTSIDE FBI.  It only takes a legal suit.  DoJ is Politicized. Got the Tape. Proof, Intent. Hillary is paying to Incite Riots.
  • Newt Gingrich  00:32.   100x Bigger than Watergate.  Watergate was one break in and a cover-up.  Corruption that permeates the federal government: Veterans Administration, FBI.
  • Comey corrupting system.  The Fix was in.  AG in secret meeting with Bill while wife Hillary is under investigation.

  • Judicial Watch Panel- Tom Fitton 02:20.  AG under Clinton would have special investigator to sidestep AG.  Hillary unlawfully deleted 30,000 emails. DoJ did not prosecute based on FBI Comey’s Recommendation.  FBI couldn’t get the documents and used the FOIA responses from Judicial Watch.
  • Congress can IMPEACH ANY office, including HILLARY CLINTON/SECRETARY OF STATE.  No need for her to become CEO (aka PRESIDENT) to impeach.
  • Judicial Watch Panel- Chris Farrel – Director of Investigations & Research 07:09.  He’s an Clandestine Human Intelligence Case Officer, Counter Intelligence (counter espionage).  American People being mis-lead.  Conduct of Clinton is corrosive.  Clinton was “subject” to a national security crime investigation.  Not a security review, not an argument over security clearance levels.  A crime under Title 18 U.S. C., §793 (f) Mishandling National Defense Information.   No need to “prove intent.”  Intent is not a requirement of the crime.   Intent is redherring.
  • 22 Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) messages/emails went through Hillary’s unsecured Email Server.  Compromising top secret material puts US in grave risk. Yes or No question.  Did it happen?  It’s not “what did you intend?”.  It’s not “how did you feel about it?”.  it’s not “what were you trying to accomplish?”. Who is responsible?   again, intent is non-sense.
  • People with Security clearances (particularly SAPs and SCIs) are required to take poly-graph tests.  No one talks about her polygraphs.  No “Miranda Rights” Warn to Hillary.
  • FBI Director James Comey is compromised.
  • diGenova & Toensing: Joe diGenova- Founding Partner 12:58.  Sad and terrible moment in “legal enforcement” history.  Very Policitized.  Believes Comey is not “fit for office.”  Comey’s Testimonies are rife with arrogance and obfuscation that should disqualify one from the office.  It is a political decision, not a “legal enforcement” decision.  Illegitimate FBI investigation.
  • Comey describes all the violations, but then no charges because “no intent.”  Tremendous criticism.  Impanel Grand Jury but Comey did not do it to conclude the investigation before the election.
  • Multiple crimes by Hillary Clinton, by attorneys, by employees, destruction of evidence, 1 attorney allows to represent 3-4 witnesses (justice department never allows it), deletion of emails after being subpoenaed, destruction of evidence by attorneys but Comey found no criminal intent.   Fake Investigation.
  • the other FBI agents are embarrassed.
  • FBI Director James Comey has created two systems of justice for security.  The BIG wigs get a pass, but the little guys don’t.  American People have lost confidence in and do NOT trust the FBI.  Congress could pass a resolution of NO CONFIDENCE.
  • Hillary Clinton and James Comey seem to be together on it.  Question integrity of investigation.  Damaged the FBI;  should have been a grand jury.  Miscarriage of justice.  Comey still being in position is an insult to all “legal enforcers.”
  • The Investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server was a farce.

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