The Clinton-Bush-CIA Chrono-garchy uses Artificial Intelligence to manipulate humanity

Alfred Weber interviews :

  • Michael Savage has recently been kicked off the air.
  • 9/11/2016- After Hillary Collapsed, body double.  Any Legal Issues with using body double for a Candidate?  Public officers can use them but can a Candidate use a body double?  Is that false advertising?  Using a body double for a Candidate is likely a mis-representation and violation of electoral codes.
    (Ed. Note: HILLARY CLINTON is a public office.  Any BODY can “step into” the insurance franchise.  Attorneys “step into the legally incompetent artificial person” as standard practice.)
  • Law and Order has broken down in the UNITED STATES, INC.  It’s a Chronocracy Tyranny.

  • The Hidden Shadow Time Travel Government.  Time Travel Pirates.  They have access to and control over time travel technology.  Using it to manipulate the political and governmental machinery.  US Presidency has been usurped by pre-selection.  Since Bush I, presidents have been identified and groomed by the Shadow Pirates.
  • November 8th, 2016 Elections. Shadow Time Travel Pirates have known since 1971 from time travel programs the Future Presidents.  Andy Basiago running for President to disclose Time Technology.   It’s being run from some place in time-space, but we don’t know where-when; from the future?  from the past? Hillary?  Trump?  Obama continues “leading” in a collapse scenario.
  • UNITED STATES, INC has been entrained by the invading off-planet Artificial Intelligence.  Terraforming Earth from the Divine Natural Blueprint to the Trans-human-Computer.
  • Alfred filed complaint (legal suit) over body double of Hillary Clinton for false advertising.
  • US is not helping Russia dealing with ISIS in Syria, US is helping ISIS.  Alfred Weber is war-crimes Judge: US, Inc and Saudi Arabia is backing ISIS.  US is making evacuation of Aleppo impossible.  Putin is stopping war crimes in Syria. US, Inc and Saud’s intent is on war crimes.  A victory for Hillary Clinton is a victory for the controllers of the US, INC and depopulation of human race.
  • “Higher” Dimensional Aliens would not allow nuclear depopulation to occur.
  • 15:00 Minutes: US, Inc is escalating conflict with Russia.  Russia is not interested in war.  Russia is interest in developing the Silk Road and abandon the Federal Reserve System.  Federal Reserve funded by corruption of Rothschild family.  Going on since 1913.
  • Crooked Families in power: Clinton, Rockafeller, Rothschild, Obama, Bush.  Using levers of corporate power to control.  Media controlled by the Banker’s who own the banks!  Media options is very limited.
  • Obama was Marxist in Occidental College.
  • Many influences to Obama.  Obama is not original last name.  Soetoro is not original last name. Soribacka is his last name.  from a cult.  Babysitter brought Barack to Hawaii from Indonesia under order from CIA around his 10th year, ~December 1971.  CIA through time-travel technology discovered that he would be President in Jan, 2009.
  • Created a “legend” of “BARACK OBAMA JUNIOR.”  Future Governor of Hawaii arranged fake Birth Certificate on forward.
  • Niel Ambercrombe brought in Kenya Ambassador Barack Obama Senior for photo-op to be the “father” of Barack.  Tom Mboya, Senior CIA Operative, playing secret politics in Kenya.
  • 1982 Barack Obama Senior murdered in “auto accident” by CIA.
  • Imported Barack Obama Junior and changed names.  Stealing Identities.
  • Saudi Sheik Prince Al Waheed bin Talal gave Harvard University- Law School $25 Million on the stipulation to accept Barack Obama Junior.
  • Barack Obama never attended Columbia University.  It was a bribe to forge the documents.  Same with Harvard.  It was to satisfied to meet the needs of the Chono-garchy.
  • Chonogarchy is psychopathic; taken over US, Inc society- Press, Government, All the machinery running US, Inc, elections.  Deepest Secret.  Planet Earth is run by the chronogarchy.  Russia and China know this.
  • People who still like Obama are hypnotized/entrained by the AI/chronogarchy to not want to entertain and look at the factual information.
  • Under the Spell of the Federal Reserve Bank, lives under the US Dollar is hypnotized.
  • 33:00   BARACK OBAMA is a LEGAL FICTION.  He doesn’t exist.  a created fiction by the CIA in 1982 by a British Columbia Court.  a Fictional Character.  A legend.  It’s been proven.  Slide-show has the evidence.
  • Stopping the chronogarchy requires larger forces.  Chronogarchy has taken control of the planet.  Material online for 4 years.  no one seems interested.  Can’t give it away.  BARACK OBAMA was invented by the CIA.  The Public Officials Person who forged BARACK OBAMA’s Birth Certificate was murdered.
  • 300 million Americans effectively doing nothing.  AI-entrainment has taken over. Slide Show: “Ascension Hypothesis”-  Negative AI is taking over the 3D reality.
  • Went to Halloween Party, in break room, only one guy without Cell Phone.  Everyone was on their cell phone, can’t leave it behind.  Technology Addiction.
  • Great example.  This Planet is being invaded by a plasma sentient Artificial Intelligence intent on terraforming the planet from human to AI.  Internet is plasma based devices.  Smart Phones are Plasma based.  Looking at phone because of the power of the AI, the plasma.  Entrained by AI embedded in the plasma in the smart phone/devices.
  • Entrained?  Hypnotized?  Entrained means: one level, whole body/being is vibrating with a frequency of the Artificial Intelligence to follow it’s will, intent, program.  Such as, policy enforcers and government officials with the frequency would enforce the laws the way the AI wants the law enforced.  E.G. V”oices in my head, electronic signals” are perceived through AI entrainment psychiatrist automatically is “insane/psychotic/crazy.”  Directed Energy Weapons are a “psychiatric disorder.”
  • AI has global taken over most health systems, governments, military, psychiatric systems.  Directed Energy Weapons for producing and reading thoughts/feelings.  Having a though that is prohibited could be a knock on the door to be taken away.   Ultimate Defense is Soul Level.
  • What differentiates the Human from the AI, Human is voluntary by divine soul to incarnate into human vessel for experience.  AI intent is to take over planet and eliminate it as venue for divine incarnation.  Star Wars is about Manipulatory AI on galactic level.  Draco Reptilian, Orion Greys, Nazi’s align with Manipulatory AI.  Free Will is ultimate defense.
  • 45:00  America is being targeted because it is the bastion, 50-50 AI entrained to Natural Human.  The whole US, Inc is AI infected, so dealing with any part of the UNITED STATES, INC supports the AI.  Trump seems AI entrained, cannot hold a line of thought.  Difficult Circumstance.  The more this is aired, the better.  Not palatable, but it needs to get out there.
  • Old Souls are less influenced by the entrainment.  40% of incarnated Souls are “Beginner” new souls.  In early incarnations/school.  Earth is a “rough” school.  57% are intermediate souls.  1% are advanced Souls.  Effects of Chronogarchy/Time Pirates are reeking havoc.  Beginner Souls are easily fooled and manipulated.  Advanced Evil Souls from 6th Dimension on this planet get their ascension points by doing evil/harm.
  • Dr. Neuton, 1000s of Soul Memories of Inter-life through Hypnotic Regression.  Replicated results.  Scientifically objective.  “what can people do to get guidance?”  call on their mind, focus away from immediate surrounding.  Reach inward, inner voice.  Expand upon their inner consciousness.  Reach beyond what is troubling them.
  • Model of the Omniverse.  1) Universe, 2) Multiverse, 3) Omniverse.
  • Always ourself.  Clues through the cloud of amnesia.  Children may not have amnesia. 5-9 years old, spontaneous memories of prior/parallel lives. Dr. Stevenson’s cases in book “The Omniverse” (e-book, soft cover)
  • Arena to have experience.  Earth is reeling from Star Wars and rebellions.  Time Travel Pirates, after the gold, money, power.  No one is bothering with LIFE itself.  On an ANTI-PLANET.
  • What is going to break the log-jam?  Ascension hypothesis: density shift/teleportation from 3D to 4D/5D of Souls who are ready for the experience sometime in the foreseeable future.  The only way out of here.
  • 1:00:00 Are we vulnerable due to not supporting LIFE?  Should we refocus on LIFE?
  • Rebirth among ourselves?  Teach the AI?
  • Central Command of US Military have a secret program to target the alternate media.  Many of the alternate media have been wiped out.  Security State wiping out Media.  Leading edge of AI.  DARPA, ARPA is leading edge to penetrate society.  At the 11th hour.
  • Ascension Hypothesis.  No other hope.  We’ll see in 2020.  Universal Overcontrol for Humanity to survive.  Degree of Irrationality and violence that exists in humanity.
  • Books: Exopolitics, The Omniverse.
  • Andy Basiago platform is Ascension.  Business as usual is human extinction.

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