Americans Loose 95.1 Million IQ Points Per Year Due to Water Fluoridation by Corporate-Medical Fascists

As of this writing, fluoridation is something that the UNITED STATES Governmental Service Corporation forces upon its population in many areas.

The Nazis and Stalin put Fluoride in their water in prisons.  Fluoridation increased complacency of the inmates and thus reduced the guard requirements.  Fluoridation was far cheaper and more efficient compared to the costs of the guards.  Apparently the rate was 1 guard for every 4 prisoners, and fluoride in the water changed it to 1 guard for every 10 prisoners.

Fluoride is a Rat Poison


Fluoride is a toxic waste effluent of aluminum smelting.  Aluminum in the brain is linked to “Alzheimer’s Disease.”  The Aluminum contaminates the fluoride.  Fluoride is put in the water apparently for “medical purposes,” yet is NOT Medical Grade.  It contains all kinds of other impurities that cause human disease and disfunction.  Aluminum is in the fluoride…  how about cyanide?

Fluoride had to be MARKETED and SOLD to the public whom were not told the truth about the chemical.  Edward Bernays used his Uncle Sigmund Freud’s psychological reductionism techniques to create crafted propaganda to manufacture consent for putting fluoride in water.

Fluoride is a medication and controlled substance.  When Dispensing medication without a license nor Medical Prescription by tap water there are requirements in the CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE ACT.  A waiver statement is required of the Attorney General for the dispensing by any state actor of a controlled substance such as Fluoride.

From the CDC, in 2014, the UNITED STATES, INC had a legal fictional population of 318,857,056 PERSON CORPORATIONS.  Their website even uses the LEGAL term PERSON, which is an ARTIFICIAL PERSON CORPORATION INSURANCE FRANCHISE TRADE-NAME TRUST ACCOUNT PRODUCT.   The Artificial Person is considered Type of “corporation” called an INDIVIDUAL (conveyance via personage/barratry).

From the CDC, in 2014, there were 211,393,167 persons were “tapped in” with fluoridated Water.  Many Bottled Water have fluoride added.

The Harvard Fluoridation Study of Fluoridation Studies found

The average loss in IQ was reported as a standardized weighted mean difference of 0.45, which would be approximately equivalent to seven IQ points for commonly used IQ scores with a standard deviation of 15.

211,393,167 * 0.45 IQ Points Per Year is a total of 95,126,925 IQ Points across all America are lost every year due to fluoridation.  95.1 MILLION IQ points per year.  How is this not seen as an actual attack on humanity?

The UNITED STATES is lagging severely behind in international education.  This is done ON PURPOSE.  Look into the atrocity called COMMON CORE Education being imposed across America if you have any doubts.

The most recent PISA results, from 2012, placed the U.S. an unimpressive 35th out of 64 countries in math and 27th in science

Just behind Slovakia and ahead of Lithuania in math.  For Science, behind Denmark and France, both countries known better for culinary skills and wine than scientific innovation.  (Not to knock the technology and science in these countries, just saying, many US Citizen Slaves assume: “WE’RE NUMBER ONE!!!” given the amount of money being spent on science and technology here.)

Fluoride undoubtably is a contributing cause of the IDIOCRACY.  The hazy consciousness state that fluoride induces helps Television Reality Distortion Entrainment and “normalization” of the corporate fear-based lack messages/propaganda.   They can’t sell anything when one is “content with life.”

What can you do about water Fluoridation?

  1. Install a Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration system.
  2. Call your local county water offices and if there is fluoride in the water.
    1. Demand/Request fluoride be STOPPED due to IQ loss in children.
    2. FOIA Request the FLUORIDE Purchase Order to check if the fluoride is medical grade.
    3. File an Insurance Claim with the “PUBLIC OFFICIAL” BOND (read: insurance) company for loss of IQ points.
  3.  Hold meetings with friends, family, and neighbors.
  4. Go to Public Corporate Hearings to discuss the cost savings of not putting fluoride in the water.  The cost savings could be put to other uses like road repair or other public corporate programs
  5. Have a Flash Mob show up at the County Water Department demanding answers for why they continue harming people.
  6. By Direct Action, place “public officials” under “civil arrest” for continuing the human rights atrocity called FLUORIDATION.  There is no law that allows public officials to intentionally (and yet intentionally with plausible deniability) allows them to commit the human rights atrocity of destroying 95.1 million IQ points per year across America.
  7. Place “public officials” as artificial persons under “civil arrest” as a symbolic protest for continuing the human rights atrocity called FLUORIDATION.
  8. Call the Sheriff to report fluoridation medical crimes of the county, en mass on the same day, with at least 3 friends and family making their own call.
  9. Request that the Sheriff give all jail inmates clean drinking water, unless he can produce a CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE ACT exemption letter.  File PUBLIC OFFICIAL BOND requests.

The Crime is enabled by all levels of UNITED STATES, INC governmental services corporation.  The Federal Government is in on it with the CDC, FDA, FBI, etc.  The States are in on it; no State Agency investigates fluoride as a crime, particularly if it is a “STATUTORY CODE” requirement.   The County’s won’t investigate because they dispense it to their artificial person citizens and without any investigation.  They refuse to do anything about it now…  because that would create liability from their prior actions, so the only course of action is to “deny” that fluoride is harmful.

Here is a short list of harmful effects from Fluoride:

Arthritis Gastrointestinal Effects
Bone Fracture Hypersensitivity
Brain Effects Kidney Disease
Cancer Male Fertility
Cardiovascular Disease Pineal Gland
Diabetes Skeletal Fluorosis
Endocrine Disruption Thyroid Disease
Acute Toxicity

Fluoride is EXPENSIVE to add to water, Lacks any positive effects for teeth, and is padding the health industry profits with all kinds of needless disease.

It is this author’s theory that the Water Distribution Industry and the County’s are PAID OFF by the ALUMINUM SMELTING COMPANIES to distribute fluoride toxic waste effluent in the water because all other methods of disposal are far more expensive!

Just to be clear…

a total of 95,126,925 IQ Points across all America are lost every year due to fluoridation.  A Loss of 95.1 million IQ Points per year is a human rights atrocity of unimaginable proportion.

If it is assumed that the average “US Citizen/Slave” Legal Fictional Presence has an IQ of 100, then it is the equivalent of 951 thousand people being murdered by fluoride (rat poison) in the water every year.  It is just not being observed; as the people aren’t missing…  just the intelligence.  FYI, that’s 260,621 IQ Points Per Day, every day.

The loss is about 0.45 IQ points per year per person.  The effect is slow…  and apparently effective.  The Idiocracy is upon us.

Thankfully, There are greater Energies upgrading Human Consciousness.


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