Voting in US Inc Elections is a vote for the LEGAL FICTION FRAUD

If you don’t know that the B.A.R. Attorneys are intentionally converting human beings (with camel case names) into ARTIFICIAL PERSONS (corporations created via Birth Certificates with UPPER CASE NAMES) without telling their “clients,” now is the time to get wise to their slavery scam.  This is proven that your LEGAL PRESENCE (the corporation with the UPPER CASE NAME) is actually a PUBLIC OFFICE for Tax Purposes.

In this way, any time you have a Driver’s License (and any other STATE ISSUED legal presence which is a public office), the State is required by MINIMUM WAGE LAWS to pay us for the employment into our TRADE-NAME OFFICES for the 24/7/365 employment.   This is 2x over-time per year!   Payable from the BANK NOTE called the BIRTH CERTIFICATE.  The Bank Note Specialist for Vital Records of Department of Health of STATE OF CALIFORNIA said, and i quote, “it [the birth certificate] wouldn’t be a bank note without the bar code!

Given that UPPER CASE NAMES are the LEGALIZED representative corporate versions of the actual human being, it should be noted that ALL ELECTIONS -across the UNITED STATES, INC- use UPPER CASE NAMES in the voting boxes.

US Citizen Slaves vote for the LEGAL FICTIONAL PRESENCE that represents the human being.  It does not matter who one votes for in the UNITED STATES, INC election, the “major” vote is for the CEO of a Corporation.   It is not voting for “President;” (despite it being frame like that by “propaganda media”) any vote is voting for the CEO.  FICTIONAL REPRESENTATIVE ALLAN WEST provides this directly on television propaganda.

The only way to vote for the ACTUAL human being running for office is to WRITE IN their name in Camel Case.  eg.  “Donald Trump,” “Hillary Clinton,” or “Barack Obama.”

See for yourself on “corporate election day” that all names on the ballot are UPPER CASE LEGAL FICTIONAL PRESENCE TRADE NAMES.  Just look at the ballot.  It’s right there in black and white.  All the names are UPPER CASE!

Any vote for an UPPER CASE name is a vote for the corrupt legal system that is quite literally a slavery system.  No candidate discusses how the legal system itself is a crime against humanity for all the human rights it violates out of necessity for implementation.  There are better ways of actual Constitutional justice that is not a corporate FARCE and LEGAL FICTION.

Legal Fictional Presences (chattel) were brought to the UNITED STATES, INC in 1871 when the UNITED STATES, INC instituted the Organic Act of DC creating an area outside the continental territories that then operate the territories with a Second Incorporated Constitution.  In March 1933, with the Emergency Banking Act, help set the stage for only treating humans as corporations via the implementation of STATUTORY CODE in 1938.

If no one bought into the LIES that BAR Attorneys make up, they would be locked in mental institutions for making things up and getting others to believe them.  This is definitively some kind of “-pathy” that EVERY ATTORNEY has due to their intentional crimes against humanity.


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