CEO-Elect Donald Trump set to Eliminate Terrible ObamaCare Yet Hire Lead Architect Romney as Secretary of State


CEO-Elect Donald Trump is set make UNITED STATES, INC into Investment bankers wet dream.  A part of corporate improvements is the elimination of many burdensome parts of ObamaCare.  The issue here is that The idea of “Individual MANDATED Health Insurance” -and then taxing people as penalty- originated from Massachusetts…  specifically Mitt Romney was Governor of Massachusetts Corporation when he architected RomneyCare- the admitted predecessor of ObamaCare.

And so while RomneyCare Nationwide is being DISMANTLED by CEO DONALD TRUMP, the SAME Mitt Romney -that architected RomneyCare- is being considered by CEO DONAL TRUMP for SECRET/ARY OF STATE.  SECRET/ARY OF STATE is the same position that Hillary Clinton used for pay-to-play with her “CLINTON FOUNDATION” via wikileaks of leaked “PERSON-al” emails.

Not that the position is bad; If Mitt Romney’s policies and actions are so destructive as to create the RomneyCare Debacle, what kinds of choices is he going to make as SECRET/ARY OF STATE?

SECRET/ARY OF STATE is the Secret Keeper for the corporation pretending to be a legitimate government.  These are the people that are hiding the fact that attorneys are converting human beings into corporations called “legal presences.”  Such conversion is a violation of many human rights as declared by the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.  It is the Secret Keeper that knows that Birth Certificates are Bank Notes, just as the Vital Records Office in the Department of Health – State of California said to me, and i quote, “it [our birth certificates] would be a bank note without the bar code!”  The woman that said this held the self professed title of THE BANK NOTE SPECIALIST.  A few phone calls to various states vital records offices can confirm these kinds of things.  In some instances, they know it’s a crime and won’t confirm (nor deny) the fact.  In some other instances, public officials/customer service doesn’t know and/or flat out lie.


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