Cops Assault Woman, then SUE their Victim for “resisting arrest” and “assault on an officer” after Identity Falsification into Artificial “PERSON”

The vague nature of the current state of law within the U.S. has been caused by the phony emergency powers junk which sometimes leaves older established court rulings in limbo. People who try to assert their rights are simply punched in the face sometimes by these highly paid, highly armed corporate executives who ride around in air conditioned limos. Videos show people who indicate they feel so trapped in their own neighborhoods and homes because Common Law is often ignored in favor of ‘Police Court Executive Chancery’ ‘Admiralty Law’.

The entire U.S. court system appears to be unlawful.

People wonder why police are hated?  Wonder no more.   Flagstaff police officer hitting lady for no reason.

Thanks to YouTuber – Jimmy Sedillo

These CORPORATE POLIC(y)E-NFORCERS should have been tazed and placed under civilian arrest for assault and kidnapping by identity falsification by unlawful conversion of the human being AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE  into SURETY for the ARTIFICIAL PERSON NAME in violation of U.C.C. 3-402b1.  A Warrant is only a LIEN on the INSURANCE FRANCHISE Debt called an Artificial Person Corporation.  The State issues it but then refuses their trustee/executor mandated duties to settle the account constructive trust that they call a COURTROOM CASE.  A Courtroom is not a Court.  Every Attorney knows that their STATUTORY COURTROOMS are not Constitutional.  Very Few Attorneys seem to be honest with their clients about this fact.  This makes most ATTORNEYS [fictionalized, legalized lawyers] dishonest.  Indeed, it is literally the very job of ATTORNEYS to convert human beings into trade-names corporations called “legal presence” and “legal name.”  A Courtroom is an administrative banking office operated by B.A.R. Attorneys who don’t have legislative authority to practice “law.”  BAR ATTORNEYS are only allowed to practice LEGALIZED LAW called STATUTORY CODE.

If you don’t know how US, INC makes law, here is a short primer:

  1. Lobbyists write bills benefiting corporations.
  2. The Bill is lobbied to Congress (House & Senate)
  3. Congress votes on the bill and passes the bill mainly if it create a lot of new debt-money, like ObamaCare (otherwise known as MittRomneyCare).
  4. The CEO (President) of UNITED STATES, INC likely signs the bill, and gives signing statements about the Bill parts he is going to Unconstitutionally ignore.
  5. Some Legislative Council, Office of Legal Affairs, Office of General Counsel, etc takes the bill and RE-WRITES THE WHOLE BILL into a second text which implements measures in the Bill as STATUTORY CODE applicable to all PUBLIC OFFICES, such as Driver’s License artificial Persons, Social Security legal presences, Birth Certificate Trade Names, Selective Service Military for ALL MEN-FICTIONS to Underwrite/access to the trust account to fund the military, etc.  The re-write of the Bill into STATUTORY CODE is the COLOR OF LAW transition from judicial responsibility into executive branch duty to issue and manage chattel (their humans confused as artificial person- believing they “need” a Driver’s License to exercise the right to travel with impunity) and the national debt.
  6. MAGI-STRATES (straight magicians) conjure and SUMMONS the artificial person -who was lost at sea after the statutory age of 7, and trust seized by the government corporation- to pay the CHARGES from fictitious debt.
  7. Because many people don’t know that the cops are committing identity falsification in EVERY interaction they have with their victims.  EVERYONE they assault (aka what they call “arrest”) is a victim of this identity falsification -by unlawful conversion from the AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE to surety, U.C.C. 3-402b1- and kidnapping.
  8. Where there is actual Common Law harm being done, I can see it being reasonable.  However, without a victim there is no crime.  And corporate policy enforcers assaulting people to create crimes where there otherwise isn’t (regardless of statutes, which do not apply to human beings, only artificial persons).  Cops assaulting people to create crimes is a gargantuan violation of presumption of GUILT (and their constitutional oath) and our RIGHT not to “self” incriminate.
  9. The double standards are perfectly documented in that if their victim touches the policy enforcer it could be considered assault, however policy enforcers can put their hands on their victim without it being considered assault.  Indeed: in many instances cops touching their victim is assault on the cops for “forcing cops” to touch their victim.

Here is another example of police brutality by identity falsification into a corporation rather than treating him as a human being with rights.


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