Accused Cop Killer Angry at Court System – U.S. Admiralty Courts are DEFECTIVE

by INFOEDITOR – (repost)

Accused Cop Killer Angry at Court System – U.S. Admiralty Courts are DEFECTIVE – Disclaimer

Disclaimer – This Infoeditor is not a B.A.R. lawyer and this post is not instruction or interpretation in law. Please do not consider this article as instruction or advice in law or in law matters.

Consult your honest attorney for legal advice ….if you can find one. Most of them appear to be under the current corporate court systems of Police-Court Executive Chancery Admiralty Law and will give you and your so-called rights up and can plea-bargain and lose your cases.

November 23, 2016

The accused shooter in the execution of Detective Benjamin Marconi in San Antonio, TX. last Sunday has reportedly made statements on his anger at the court system. This appears to be another death of a corporate government official cop due to anger at the current DEFECTIVE court systems within the U.S..

San Antonio cop shooting suspect: I ‘lashed out’

Why would anyone call the court systems defective? They are not Article III court systems operating Constitutionally as true judicial systems under The U.S. Constitution. How could that be possible?

When court systems operate administratively under what is called ‘Admiralty’ or ‘Admiralty Law’, (indicated sometimes by the gold fringe around the U.S. flag) such courts are corporate courts like Police-Court Executive Chancery where the defendant must take his/her chances, suffering whatever the administrator judge allows and/or decides.

Common Law law books and courses describe the Social Security account and number as foreign to The U.S. Constitution, therefore stating that the true holders of all the wealth of Social Security account holders is The Federal Reserve Corporation, a private banking and financial corporation. As such, U.S. residents have been relegated to a status, once again, of slave, this time corporate slave, slave to the Federal Reserve Corporation, Admiralty UNJUST Law, and slave to the commie-nazi corporate executive slavemaster owners. Carlin was right….WE HAVE OWNERS.

Now that you know how U.S. cops serve an Un-Constitutional, therefore unlawful and unjust court system, you won’t be so surprised as more and more corporate cops suffer more injury and death.

See how easy it is to swindle Americans under the U.S. Corporation corporate system? First your rights, then your money and assets, ……then your life.


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