Child Protective Services is a Private Corporation using BAR Association Attorneys to Kidnap Children

B.A.R. ATTORNEYS do not pursue each other for crimes they commit because the entire LEGAL SYSTEM itself is based fundamentally on human rights atrocities.  They are conspiring not to sue each other for crimes common within the system and allowed to be committed by BAR ATTORNEYS due to their insurance insuring them for the crime…  ENSURING the [commission of the] crime!

CPS is a criminal enterprise.  They use LEGAL FICTIONS to kidnap children from parents.  This is because parents only have the benefit of raising their own children at the sufferance of the state.

Every child CPS holds, they underwrite thousands of dollars each day.  This is similar to the jails/prisons.  The HUMAN BEING is held as surety for the debt and lien of the artificial person corporation.  It costs $86 per day per inmate to hold them.  Meanwhile, they are EARNING $10,000 per day for each inmate to pay the CHARGES off.  These debts can be paid off immediately by issuance of our own private bonds.

CPS uses FAMILY COURTROOMS which are constructive trust debt insurance products just as CIVIL and CRIMINAL STATUTORY COURTROOMS are constructive trust.  Saying NO to these criminal unconstitutional courtrooms and criminal BAR ASSOCIATION MEMBERS.

FEDERAL COURTROOM Considers whether or not Child Social Workers have a Right to Lie.

State Troopers are INCORPORATED and are merely LEGALIZED representation of actual officers.  They are impersonating a lawful officer.
The Sheriffs are INCORPORATED  and are merely LEGALIZED representation of actual officers.  They are impersonating a lawful officer.
Every B.A.R. ATTORNEY is  INCORPORATED and are merely LEGALIZED representation of actual Lawyers at the Common Law.  They are impersonating a lawful Lawyers.
Courtroom opines Police can Legally Lie to Cover Up “Investigations”

Cops Assault Woman, then SUE their Victim for “resisting arrest” and “assault on an officer” after Identity Falsification into Artificial “PERSON”

U.S. INC Federal Judge Calls Department of Justice “Intentionally Deceptive” (the DoJ helps operate and legitimize the ARTIFICIAL PERSON NAME scam and ponzi scheme)

Cops Record Themselves Fabricating Charges with Victim’s Camera

FBI Told Policy Enforcers to Launder Evidence from Secret Cell Phone Trackers

Policy Enforcers and Courtroom extort couple for overdue library books

Meanwhile, HILLARY CLINTON uses the corrupt system to cover up her crimes.

The following video is only further proof of corruption reported above:

Do Child Social Workers have the “Constitutional Right” to Lie, commit Perjury, Plant Evidence, and kidnap children?  NO NEWS MEDIA ATTENTION!  No Recourse.  Social Workers, Judges, and Attorneys are IMMUNE!!!

Anti- Trump rallies get thousands of protestors but no one is willing to cover the Admiralty Courtroom SCAM being used to kidnap Children.

Heresay is allowed in Family Courtrooms to Legalize Kidnapping.

Children are LEGALIZED and are surety for the ARTIFICIAL person that represents them WITHIN the fictional bankrupt corrupt foreclosed UNITED STATES CORPORATION.  When the Artificial person is ordered to do something, they can force the human being to do it because the ILLEGAL ADHESION CONTRACT (Birth Certificate) is WITH PREJUDICE.

Usually WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE…  as in, US CITIZENS are artificial person and humans are declared by law as enemies of the STATE.  The Gold Fringe border around the AMERICAN FLAG is Admiralty/Military jurisdiction.  The AMERICAN FLAG officially has three colors: Red, White, and Blue.  The Gold is a Fourth Color.


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