Fake News: The New Scapegoat –Finally, Real Definitions

Fake News is now being used as a scape-goat, an excuse, reason to be unreasonable.  Goldman Sacks is calling the “great stock rotation” fake news for not matching their “designer” financial narratives.  (lol… As if the US BOND BUBBLE that the FEDERAL RESERVE BLEW UP under EXTREME FINANCIAL EMERGENCY ACTIONS for over 8 YEARS in a row called Quantitative Easing (QE) [which is in reality creating hundreds of trillion of dollars in 1s and 0s digital debt and giving it for free to the member banks] and NEAR ZERO INTEREST RATES (that should have been negative; even though negative interest rates are insanity pills) wasn’t a bubble.

Furthermore, the reason why these EXTREME FINANCIAL EMERGENCY ACTIONS were important was because the DEBT AS MONEY system almost self-terminated in the 2007-2008 “financial crisis.”  These EXTREME FINANCIAL EMERGENCY ACTIONS basically are still in effect today….  as the crisis is NOT over.  Now Goldman Sacks is using FAKE NEWS to craft the financial narrative and denigrate any narrative that they cannot 1) control  2) earn mad profits upon  3) regardless of accuracy (as their designer “financial” script/High Frequency Trading manipulation [by Goldman Sacks] is not the end all/be all of markets)

Fake News is anything that is “published” that does not match the narrative trying to be spun.  Corporations have been buying “new-like placements” in the guise of news for decades but FAKE NEWS is far more political and/or life important/critical.  See the following:

Fake News to match a political, financial, life narrative/perspective by the UNITED STATES, INC is now legal by the 2013 N.D.A.A.  and further changes.  This spinning of news is now called a “weaponized narrative.”  It is merely propaganda to affect mass perceptions to allow for specific actions that otherwise would NOT be for the benefit of humanity.  The Hegalian Dialectic -Problem-Reaction-Solution- is primary weapon against humanity.  The “Sandy Hook shootings” and 9/11 Twin Tower demolitions are classic Hegalian Dialectics.

Slavery is NOT beneficial for humanity!  All Governmental Service Corporations essentially operate their legal systems as insurance franchise incorporated chattel (farm animals).  This is because Governmental Service Corporations receive their authority from the VATICAN, INC.    The VATICAN, INC got their authority from…  self appointment through 4 papel bulls: Unam Sactum, Romanus Pontifex, Aeterni Regis, Convocation.

So, FAKE NEWS is a weaponized narrative of the occultists to keep people in a slavery/corporate/debt-lack mentality.

Real News is accurate event data.  Additional context may be included but the context cannot detract from the source and/or override the source.  The Context should not be used to alter or withhold accurate event data.

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