What I Learned From the Intelligence Report on “Russian Hacking”

“Providing evidence would be irresponsible.”

The United States has “interfered” with over 15 foreign countries’ elections.  “Russian Interference” is a “weaponized narrative” using “cognitive bias” and “Hyper-normalization.”

Nikola Tesla, the man single handedly responsible of Alternating Current -nearly every electrified home uses A.C.-, stated he spoke to aliens on mars.

Deep Military Whistle blowers say there is break away technology not available to the rest of humanity, such as: anti-gravity, zero point “free” energy, teleportation, and materialization.  Too Star Trek for you?   Reality is stranger than fiction:

The corporate propaganda from the mainstream media refuses to acknowledge anything but the “official line” particularly regarding “history.”

One reason why “history” is so set in stone is that “HISTORY” (INCORPORATED) has been legalized into its own weaponized narrative.  The institution operating “HISTORY, INC” is the AMERICAN HISTORY ASSOCIATION.   They determine the official non-legal history.  “LEGAL HISTORY” is important because it documents what people actually did.  The “NON-LEGAL WEAPONIZED HISTORICAL-LIKE NARRATIVE” of the “LEGAL HISTORY” is what cover up the CORPORATE NATURE of the UNITED STATES, INC (MINOR), it’s operating from bankruptcy from 1933 onward, framing “legal tender” DEBT (discharge/setoff/etc) as if it were something of actual value.

Many other profession have a similar set-up for CONTROL, such as the AMERICAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION allows toxic mercury and promotes fluoride (RAT POISON! & Toxic non-medical-grade Industrial Effluent!!) in the water and toothpaste, The AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, AMERICAN BANKERS ASSOCIATION, AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION, AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION, AMERICAN NURSES ASSOCIATION (see these related organizations near the bottom!  wow.), etc, and they each control and dominate their respective fields.  It was designed to be that way.

Furthermore, the bankrupt, foreclosed UNITED STATES, INC (MINOR) authorized the use of propaganda (weaponized narratives) upon its own “citizen” artificial “persons”.  Given that “providing evidence would be irresponsible”, the “russia hacked the US elections” should be considered merely a “weaponized propaganda narrative” trying to direct our attention away from what is actually going on:

The Cabal has lost.  Their is no control over the weaponized narratives and propaganda has no effect as people see through the Myth of Authority.


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