US Military Indicates a Domestic Threat by Docking ALL US Aircraft Carriers

Having all the US Aircraft carriers docked is not just unusual…  it is against “Pearl Harbor” policy (don’t keep all your assets in “one spot”).  Recalling all US Aircraft Carriers is a message as no Military Command would allow such a situation unless it is a message.

Every Military Oath of Office include defending the constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic.  The message is very clear:  The Threat is NOT foreign…  there is a Domestic Threat to the UNITED STATES, and it’s not Trump.

It could by any number of things:  America’s food, air, and water is being used to attack Americans,  the International Bankers robbing Americans out of all wealth with unlawful debt slavery, the BAR Attorneys unlawfully attacking liberty and human rights,  Bill and Hillary Clinton Arkansas Mafia, Obama (WW3? Muslim?), CIA-Bush cabal, the Deep military industrial complex break-away civilization, frequency weapons for collective mind influencing, a threat to Trump’s inauguration? pizza-gate, the satan pedophilia network, etc. these are nearly limitless in what the domestic threat could be.

Why are All of our Aircraft Carriers in Port?

Apparently, the Deep Military break away civilization has these kinds of “Aircraft carriers” these days… with cloaking technology:

Conceptual rendering of actual technology being whistle blown

One thought on “US Military Indicates a Domestic Threat by Docking ALL US Aircraft Carriers”

  1. It is also a foreign threat. The Russians have done several “manhattan-like” projects in a row from at least the early 1960s on Tesla-based frequency weapons. An example of this is “The Woodpecker Signal.”

    David Wilcock released that the US Air Craft Carriers were being refitted with new laser weapons. Though given the state of thing, It can be assumed that it is a rehauling as Time can be manipulated with scalar Tesla Waves, Ships can be lifted without effort, The defenses are far superior with Tesla based frequency defenses, as are the weapons. For instance: On defense, an invisible energy wall force field can be projected that little to nothing can get through. The assault tesla weapons that Russia has developed could easily penetrate “normal” (hyper-advanced) energy wall force fields. As for offensive weapons, Laser weapons could easily be disabled using tesla based frequency defenses.

    The holographic visual shielding is very cool. Given what I know, two different Longitudinal Tesla waves are intersected in a location in space. If the wavelength difference of the two Longitudinal EM waves is in the visual spectrum, visible light appears.

    These tesla weapons can cause instant spontaneous molecular break down, and even nuclear break down! They can cause spontaneous heat combustion, and nearly instantly freeze anything (like mid-chewing food).

    The US Navy has already seen a handful of defeats. A Russian Drone fried all the electronics in a hardened new AEGIS US Navy Ship. It had to be towed back. Faraday cages are NOT enough for longitudinal waves. the US Navy had to learn that the hard way…. and is way behind, apparently.

    Furthermore, it is rumored that several countries refused Federal Reserve Notes as payment for oil for US Navy ships. Silver for oil was requested.

    This makes sense. Federal Reserve DEBT is all fraudulently created by violation of double entry accounting standards.


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