Physicist & GNN Report: Earth Magnetic Shield is TOTALLY haywire, US deletes data

The Earths Magnetic Shields have gone entirely bonkers.  This seems to be an ongoing series of events and several of these have happened in the last few weeks.  Earth’s Magnetic Shield seems to be returning more towards normal the last few hours/days, though there may be more events.  High strangeness afoot.

This affects biology, cellular biology, neurology, reception, electrical grids, animals, thoughts, feelings, airlines, computers, etc.


Earths Magnetic Fields coming out of the planet look “normal.”  This suggests that a polar flip is not causing this.  It may be possible that such magnetic distortion may cause a polar flip, though this is likely a very low probability.

The Magnetic flux is going everywhere like there is another star-like body in the solar system.   Some stelar Electro-Magnetic body could be pushing back on the solar particle stream.

There is no shield.  There is no pressure.

When this event occurred, the data feed was cut and data scrubbed from Governmental Service Corporation servers.  The above images are only found because someone downloaded the data before being wiped.

The Electro-Magnetic Chaos around the planet represents the same inside each of us, you.

UPDATE 2017.04.15:


2 thoughts on “Physicist & GNN Report: Earth Magnetic Shield is TOTALLY haywire, US deletes data”

  1. These guys are experts in what? So glad we have a stationary satellite .5 million miles out in space to give us “images” of such fidelity?


    1. I love it! You are totally correct. GNN are NOT experts in Space Weather. The point here is that it doesn’t take an expert to observe that something very unusual is happening in our Space Weather.

      Many people on Earth do not pay attention to Space Weather… However, The Local Space Weather is just as important to the planet as our Local Earth Weather is to us as humans. This space weather is like Snow in the Sahara Desert where the prediction is Blaring Sun, 108 degrees, same as for the last 1000+ years.

      The Images that the USGSC release for public consumption are likely the low res versions. The images are passed through a super computer to compute the field lines. That process is imperfect.

      So, To be VERY CLEAR: Novices are observing that something very unusual is occurring in our space weather, that should to be pointed out. and they rattle on about results of multi-differential equations without exact solutions (the rattling part can be effectively ignored).

      My observations: I’ve NEVER seen space weather like this, and I observe it regularly (for a decade+). anyone can go back over the records. well… those that haven’t been deleted.

      That’s the other point. It is a records preservation thing. These records have been deleted from public view. WHY? What is there to hide? What is important to hide?

      The recent Space Weather opens up more questions than answers. Is there a Planet 9 or Nibiru? The recent space weather could be evidence of such a thing…. possibly, just sayin’.

      it makes me/we/us question the “official narrative” all that much more.


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