Ganga & Yamuna Rivers in INDIA, INC declared “LEGAL PERSONS” with Corporate Benefits

There are no Rights within Governmental Service Corporations such as INDIA[, INC].  There are only BENEFITS.  The Ganga & Yamuna Rivers have always been living entities.  The “formal” “FICTIONAL” recognition of these living beings as DEBT with BENEFITS, is the wild part.  This is why the legal system is always playing catch up.  It is bound.  It is a GAME.  a fiction of legalisms.  Whereas Human Beings are unlimited.

The recognition of these rivers and dolphins as LEGAL PERSONS is perverted by the acceptance of Artificial Intelligence as LEGAL PERSONS, Corporations as LEGAL PERSONS, Religions as LEGAL PERSONS, and Magic as formally legal fictionally recognized/benefited to all these BONDS-Bindings-Spell/ings-Sentense via Chief Magi/strate (CEO/President “TRUMP”).  The question is:

  • WHO operates the GANGA RIVER artificial “person” trust account?
  • WHO operates the YAMUNA RIVER artificial “person” trust account?
    The INDIA, INC governmental service corporation absolutely OWNS (created) that trust account, and very likely operates it as well.  That is a violation of TRUST LAW.  INDIA, INC cannot be the TRUSTEE, and EXECUTOR.  INDIA, INC -having created the debt for the River Trust “PERSON”- is also the BENEFICIARY.  ROFL.

There is now a block of DEBT within INDIA, INC representing these rivers being held in a trust called a “LEGAL PERSON.”  These Governmental Service Corporations define “DEBT” as Speech and SOVEREIGN.  Thus, INDIA, INC is “authorized” -by the debt- to protect the river.  On the surface, this may appear like a good idea.  However, the Debt is just merely INSURANCE for collection when the living entity is compromised.  It is just another mechanism to drain more energy from the river living being.  If the being is compromised, the insurance is used, mostly NOT for the river.  (the debt energy is drained in the banking system, banking re-hypothecation, corruption, corporate operations, etc etc).

The LEGAL FICTIONAL actions to protect the river might also be used to protect those harming the river living being.  Governmental Service Corporations are Corporations by corporations for corporations.  The corporations protect the corporations.

Declaring these Rivers as living beings is about INSURING (ensuring) its pollution with debt that can be used to clean up pollution rather than stop pollution.

Clean up is important, though stopping pollution is far more important than enabling these corporations to create more debt for itself based on more pollution, death, and destruction.

The technologies that these Governmental Services Corporations are hiding could eliminate pollution across the planet by 90% in 1 year, as rolled out properly.  It would destroy their corporate debt based game of lack.


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