Antony C Sutton – Psychotronic Weapons and Behavior Modification

EMF Waves directly affect consciousness.  The whole point of so many “cell phone towers” is to create a low level microwave oven across the entire area of its use.

Does the UNITED STATES, INC [MINOR] use “MIND CONTROL TECHNIQUES”? such as subliminal messages?  Definitively Yes!  see for yourself:

Here is what is going on with cell towers, Electro-magnetic frequency thought control.  Close range Cell Phone Radiation has dangerous effects, Long range radiation has dangerous mental/emotional effects, and we don’t know the long term effects other than it’s dangerous.  There are apparently even embedded signals within Cell Phone Tower Signals.  This is done by delaying packets of data a few milliseconds for a timed transmission burst.  Timing it to 1/11 of a second would have the same effect as an 11 hertz frequency that causes “anxiety” and “fear” as per Antony Sutton’s specified frequency in the video above.  That is the definition of “mind control” and “behavior modification”.  This is all done WITHOUT CONSENT and WITHOUT FULL DISCLOSURE to users/citizens/humans.


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