Wells Fargo 10-K Filing proves U.S. ZIP CODEs are NOT used for Addresses

Below is the latest WELLS FARGO & COMPANY Form 10-K 2016 Statement, their Address explicitly EXCLUDES the ZIP CODE as an aspect/Format/Fields of the Address.  The ZIP CODE is explicitly called out as SEPARATE from the ADDRESS.  The reason for this is a ZIP CODE is the application/subjugation of and by FEDERAL JURISDICTION rather than a part of the “Address.”

The ZIP CODE is not required.  See all the well written articles below on what and how zip codes work.  The text in the 10-K is explicitly written as, “(Address of Principal executive offices) (Zip Code)”.  If the Zip Code were implicitly a part of the Address, it would not be explicitly appended.

Wells Fargo Banker Attorneys absolutely know what is going on here…  and there is no excuse for not knowing these facts…  ignorance of the law is no excuse. Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent; Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal.

Here are four websites documenting what zip codes are, how they work, why the work the way they do, their voluntary nature, where they apply, and to whom ZIP CODEs apply.

  • What? ZIP CODEs are corporate boundary lines on a MAP within WASHINGTON DC MUNICIPAL CORPORATION for dividing up their corporations into “Legal Fictional Military Districts” for control, subjugation, and war/marshal law (Lieber Code).
  • How? The Civil War never ended.  Marshal Law was declared way back in Abraham Lincolns Presidency with LIEBER CODE.  TRADING WITH THE ENEMY ACT made human beings enemies of the State through the LIEBER CODE by redefining a few words.  ZIP CODEs are the slave/prison “legal fictional location” matrix of “artificial persons” as INVENTORY CONTROL NUMBERS via Birth Certificates.
  • Whom?  ZIP CODEs Only apply to ARTIFICIAL PERSONS, and is an aspect of the slavery system.  DO NOT SUPPLY ZIP CODES TO ANY COURT!!!  They REQUIRE zip codes to be able to function.
  • Where? ZIP CODEs only apply to artificial person corporations sending mail DOMESTIC WITHIN the UNITED STATES, INC.  All human mail thus would be Non-Domestic and WITHOUT the UNITED STATES, INC.
  • Why? The entire point of the ZIP CODE is for the UNITED STATES, INC – WASHINGTON DC MUNICIPAL CORPORATION to gain jurisdiction OUTSIDE of WASHINGTON DC.  the US, INC does not actually control the territory… they only manage it.  When the US, INC claims jurisdiction over territories…  it is only by legal fiction corporate jurisdiction WITHIN WASHINGTON, DC.  Thus your artificial person corporation “lives” in WASHINGTON, DC contained within a ZIP CODE that appears like a “state”.
  • Long story short: ZIP CODEs are used to unlawfully gain jurisdiction where none is had, without giving full disclosure of the contract. (mainly because the criminal US, INC operates WITHOUT PREJUDICE, under falsely presumed POWER OF ASSUMPTION, and under false definitions of SOVEREIGNTY as meaning DEBT INSTRUMENTS [APPEARING AS ARTIFICIAL PERSONS via insurance franchising])

I have sent AND received many mails without ZIP CODES, being ZIP CODE EXEMPT.

Here are the articles:

NO ZIP CODES, Excerpt:

“A ZIP Code is a numerical code that identifies areas within the United States and its territories for purposes of …” [cf. 26 CFR 1.1-1(c)].

Note the singular possessive pronoun "its", not "their", therefore carrying the implication that it relates to the "United States" as a corporation domiciled in the District of Columbia (in the singular sense), not in the sense of being the 50 States of the Union (in the plural sense). The map shows all the States of the Union, but it also shows D.C., Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, making the explanatory statement literally correct. Properly construed, ZIP Codes can only be applicable in Federal territories and enclaves that may be located within the 50 States of the Union, and to the "United States" and District of Columbia and its territories -- cf. Piqua Bank v. Knoup, 6 Ohio 342, 404 (1856) and U.S. v. Butler, 297 U.S. 1, 63 (1936) to the effect that "in every state there are two governments; the state and the United States." Therefore, ZIP Code addresses are for the corporate "United States" and its agents (for example, a customs and duty collector at New York harbor, when they move out into the States of the Union to perform functions delegated to the "United States" by the National/Federal Constitution, or the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Bureau of Motor Vehicles, or a U.S. Congressman). But, by propaganda, misleading information and seditious syntax, government has gotten nearly everyone in the 50 States of the Union to use ZIP Codes of address, and that creates a PRESUMPTION or a PREJUDICIAL ADMISSION that one is in such a Federal venue, or that one is such a government agent. In general, it is well settled in law that Income Tax Statutes apply only to corporations and to their officers, agents, and employees acting in their official capacities, e.g. from Colonial Pipeline Co. v. Traigle, 421 U.S. 100, 44 L.Ed.2d 1, 95 S.Ct. 1538 (1975): "... However, all 'income tax statutes' apply only to state created creatures known as corporations no matter whether state, local, or federal." Since corporations act only through their officers, employees, etc., the income tax statutes reach out to them when acting in their official capacities, but not as individuals. This is the real purpose for Identifying Numbers -- cf. 26 CFR 301.6109-1(d) & (g) and 26 U.S.C. 6331(a) and 26 CFR 301.6331-1, Part 4. Use of a ZIP Code address is tantamount to the admission of being a "citizen of the United States" who does not necessarily have the protections of the first eight Amendments to the Constitution (in the Bill of Rights) when proceeded against by Federal or State authority -- Maxwell v. Dow, 176 U.S. 581, 20 S.Ct. 448 (1900), but, "All the provisions of the constitution look to an indestructible union of indestructible states", Texas v. White, 7 Wall. 700; U.S. v. Cathcart, 25 F.Case No. 14,756; In re Charge to Grand Jury, 30 F. Case No. 18,273 (65 C.J. Section 2) -- not known to be overturned.


Use of the ZIP CODE is Voluntary, Excerpt:

Use of the ZIP Code is voluntary (see Domestic Mail Services Regulations, Section 122.32). The Postal Service can not discriminate against the non-use of the ZIP Code (see Postal Reorganization Act, Section 403 [Public Law 91-375]), The federal government utilizes the ZIP Code to prove that you reside in a “federal district of the District of Columbia.” This is why the IRS and other government agencies (both state and federal) require a ZIP Code when they assert jurisdiction by sending you a letter. Though they claim its use is to speed the mail, it is a well planned and subtle trick. It is also PRIMA FACIE EVIDENCE that you are a subject of Congress and a “citizen of the District of Columbia,” who is “resident” in one of the 50 several states. U.S. “residency” was, along with U.S. “citizenship,” established by the 14th Amendment. The definition of the words “resident” and “inhabitant” mean the same thing (27 Fed. Cas.#16,024 US. v. Penelope (1508)). Since nearly all exercise of jurisdiction by federal government is “Commerce Clause” based, action by the feds may only be taken upon U.S. residents. A resident is one who opens a store or takes any step preparatory to business. A resident engages in buying and selling, a commercial activity. The “step preparatory” was the “birth certificate” (another subject, for another time). The receipt of mail with a ZIP Code is one of the requirements for the IRS to have jurisdiction to send you notices. The government can not bill an American National, as he is not within the purview of the municipal laws of the District of Columbia. In fact, the Internal Revenue Service has adopted the ZIP Code areas as Internal Revenue Districts (see the Federal Register, Volume 5 1, #53, Wednesday, March 19, 1986).


To claim the exemption from ZIP Codes:

1) Write “c/o” before the street address.

2) Use the “postal zone” (follow the name of the city with the last 2 digits of the ZIP).

3) Spell out and underline the state.

4) Add the words ZIP EXEMPT.

5) Use upper and lower case letters with initial caps only, don’t use ALL CAPS.

6) Don’t appreviate Street, Highway, Avenue, etc. (optional)

(ED: 7- Use NON-DOMESTIC in all instances, 8- use the republic 9- World citizens use our different Country: World)


1234 MAIN ST.


c/o 1234 Main Street, Non-Domestic
Pasadena 01, Republic For California
North America, World


ZIP CODEs may be Omitted, Excerpt:

The latest cite for the statement "zip codes may be omitted" is now "DMM 602 1.3e (2)" (last printing on January 8, 2006).previously (years ago) it was "DMM 122.32"   "DMM" stands for "DOMESTIC MAIL MANUAL"   See: http://pe.usps.gov/text/dmm300/602.htm#wp1085541


https://freedom-school.com/zip-code-address-explained.pdf, Excerpt:

It is this writer's opinion, both as a result of study, e.g. of page  11 of  the National  Area ZIP Code Directory;  of 26 USC 7621;   of Section  4 of  the Federal Register, Volume 51, Number 53, of  Wednesday, March  19, 1986, Notices at pages 9571 through 9573;  of Treasury Delegation Order (TDO) 150-01;  of the opinion in United  States v. LaSalle National Bank, 437 U.S. 298, 308, 98 S.Ct.2d 2357,  57 L.Ed.2d  221 (1978);  of 12 USC 222;  of 31 USC 103;   and as  a result  of my actual experience, that a ZIP Code address is presumed to create a "Federal jurisdiction" or "market venue" or  "revenue districts"  that override  State  boundaries, taking one  who uses  such modes  of address  outside of  a State venue  and   its   constitutional   protections   and   into   an international, commercial  venue involving  admiralty concerns of the "United  States", which is a commercial corporation domiciled in Washington, D.C.


UPDATE 2017.04.20

As if Wells Fargo wasn’t enough…  here are a few more Corporate 10-Ks that demonstrate that ZIP CODES are NOT a part of the address.  The funny thing is.  the AREA CODE is also a FEDERAL JURISDICTION as it too must be EXPLICITLY included, just like the ZIP CODE.

Apple, Inc 2016 10-K SEC Filing (click link to view filed PDF)

The Goldman Sacks Group, Inc. 2015 10-K SEC Filing (click link to view filed PDF)

JPMorgan Chase & Co 2016 10-K SEC Filing (click link to view filed PDF)

Citigroup, Inc 2011 10-K SEC Filing (click link to view filed PDF)

Morgan Stanley 2015 10K SEC Filing (click link to view filed PDF)

US Bancorp 2016 10-K SEC Filing (click link to view filed PDF)

The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc 2012 10-K SEC Filing (click link to view filed PDF)

Capital One Financial Corporation 2016 10-K SEC Filing (click link to view filed PDF)

Are these enough examples showing that most of the major banks in the UNITED STATES do actually have an understanding that zip codes are NOT explicitly defined as part of the address?


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