Results of 50 FOIA Requests to each State for Vehicle Title “Underwriter”

50 FOIA Requests were sent to various STATE “agencies” requesting the Underwriter for the Vehicle Titles, Driver’s Licenses, and State Identity Artificial Person Cards.

Most of the requests were denied and contained insufficient detail to understand the request.  The Request is for the agency/corporation that underwrites the VEHICLE INSURANCE FRANCHISE, the DRIVER’S LICENSE ARTIFICIAL PERSON INSURANCE FRANCHISE, and the STATE IDENTITY ARTIFICIAL PERSON INSURANCE FRANCHISE.  As each of these insurance franchises uses negotiable instruments, new debt is created for each ENTITY/ARTIFICIAL PERSON.  The creation of this new debt requires “underwriting” of some kind.


A warrant — or check — is a legal, negotiable instrument drawn against the state treasury in place of a commercial bank. State agencies disburse funds to vendors or other payees by issuing warrants from the state treasury that bear the State Treasurer’s unique Routing Number and are signed by the State Treasurer.

Because the responsibility for authorizing and producing warrants resides with individual state agencies, inquiries about a payment made by a state agency should be directed to the issuing agency.

Strangely, at least a few states accept surrendered MCO LEGAL TITLEs and issue negotiable instrument CERTIFICATE OF TITLES -that demonstrate that the MCO has been recorded on file as STATE PROPERTY- from they DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE.  This is how the STATE literally and actually sees VEHICLE CERTIFICATE OF TITLES as RECEIPTS (being negotiable instruments by U.C.C. Article 3) worth debt drawn against the State Treasury in place of a commercial bank.

The MISSISSIPPI DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE -the agency that issues Mississippi’s Certificate of Titles for “Vehicles”- says on their FAQ website that:

So the technical answer is already found: the STATE TREASURY underwrites the VEHICLE CERTIFICATE OF TITLES.  The Debt Insurance Franchise is then treated as REVENUE by the STATE Department of Revenue as a debt account balance.  Debt being an asset (not a liability), because it is used as money, can then be traded upon, and ultimately rehypothecated by a whole host of STATE and FEDERAL “agencies.”

Here are the letters responding to the FOIA Request for the UNDERWRITER for the Vehicle Titles, Driver’s License, and State ID Artificial Persons.


Choice Quotes:

“The Department [of Revenue] is not required to be bonded in order to issue titles.  As a result, there exist no underwriters for titles issued by the Department.”

It is Important to remark that the DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE does NOT need to be bonded to be able to ISSUE negotiable instruments as titles.  They specifically indicate that they ORDER titles/Negotiable Instruments to be issued.

U.C.C. – Article 3 § 3-104 NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENT

(a) Except as provided in subsections (c) and (d), “negotiable instrument” means an unconditional promise or order to pay a fixed amount of money, with or without interest or other charges described in the promise or order, if it:

(1) is payable to bearer or to order at the time it is issued or first comes into possession of a holder;

(3) does not state any other undertaking or instruction by the person promising or ordering payment to do any act in addition to the payment of money, but the promise or order may contain (i) an undertaking or power to give, maintain, or protect collateral to secure payment, (ii) an authorization or power to the holder to confess judgment or realize on or dispose of collateral, or (iii) a waiver of the benefit of any law intended for the advantage or protection of an obligor.

(b) “Instrument” means a negotiable instrument.

(c) An order that meets all of the requirements of subsection (a), except paragraph (1), and otherwise falls within the definition of “check” in subsection (f) is a negotiable instrument and a check.

(d) A promise or order other than a check is not an instrument if, at the time it is issued or first comes into possession of a holder, it contains a conspicuous statement, however expressed, to the effect that the promise or order is not negotiable or is not an instrument governed by this Article.

As we see here an ORDER is interchanged with PROMISE. ORDER and PROMISE are equated in U.C.C. Article 3 § 3-104.  Also, using the terminology, the State Treasury indicates that their warrants are checks and thus negotiable instruments as simply a PROMISE TO PAY.

The fact that ALL STATE AGENCIES can issue negotiable instruments drawable against the STATE TREASURY and simply treat is as revenue without telling people is completely fraudulent and deceptive.

Furthermore, their statement that there is no underwriter is patently incorrect.  The STATE TREASURY is the underwriter for all STATE negotiable instruments, including and not limited to MCOs, VEHICLE TITLES, DRIVER’S LICENSES, and STATE IDENTITY ARTIFICIAL PERSON INSURANCE FRANCHISE CORPORATIONS.

STATE OF ALASKA – Department of Administration

Choice Quote:

“The State of Alaska DMV is the entity that determines whether a vehicle title, driver license or state identification card is issued.  There is no underwriter for this process.  ‘Underwriter’ is a legal term of art and refers to an insurer; underwriting is the act of assuming a risk by insuring it.”

UNDERWRITER is a Legal Term.  This means that UNDERWRITER is a mere LEGAL FICTION because EVERYTHING legal is a legal fiction according to ALL ATTORNEYS across the entire Earth.  That is a very inconvenient fact for attorneys and they don’t like sharing such obvious deceptions.

UNDERWRITER is a Term of Art.  This means that negotiable instruments derive their value from their signature as artwork.  Always copyright your signature!  otherwise it could be stolen by attorneys, with prejudice.

Vehicle Titles, Driver’s Licenses, and State Identification Cards are Issued. As identified prior, issuance relates directly to negotiable instruments. Given that these instruments are ISSUED, they are also accounting line items worth debt and hence underwritten.  As explored before, it is the STATE TREASURY than that underwrite and assumes the risk by insuring it.  The DMV treats such documents as revenue based upon the fact that other states issue their CERTIFICATE OF TITLES from their DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE.

There is no underwriter for this process.   Again, that is a patent lie. The STATE TREASURY underwrites the issued negotiable instruments.  Their ignorance is no excuse.

Lastly, their offices mis-interpreted my words regarding what U.C.C. Article 3 is being used for/as.  The request did not fall under U.C.C. Article 3.  The Vehicle title conforms to U.C.C. Article 3, and the request is NOT specific to any particular individual franchise artificial person but for the general services processes their offices use regarding U.C.C. Article 3.


Choice Quote:

“The Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department is exempt from carrying liability insurance on its vehicles.  27-22-101(b) states that the Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Act does not apply to state owned vehicles nor state employees while operating the state-owned vehicles.  Ark. Code Ann 19-10-305 provides immunity to state officers and employees.”

The Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department is exempt from carrying liability insurance on its vehicles.  The department has vehicles but does not have insurance that everyone else is required to have… how nicely hypocritical.

27-22-101(b) states that the Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Act does not apply to state owned vehicles nor state employees while operating the state-owned vehicles.  Given that all VEHICLES are surrendered upon purchase from the dealer, all VEHICLES are STATE OWNED.  Also, given that every Driver’s License is an ARTIFICAL PERSON -in our likeness, but not us; a second corporate you- the Driver’s License is actually LITERALLY an EMPLOYEE OF THE STATE on a 24-7-365 basis.  If “your” vehicle has a “state” license plate on it, then it is NOT “your” car.  It is the STATE’s car owned by USUFRUCT; put another way the State owns the car for you via your artifact person.  The Car is not private property but person-al property of the artificial person corporation owned by the state.

Thus EVERYONE IN ARKANSAS is exempt from having insurance on their state by this admission.

Ark. Code Ann 19-10-305 provides immunity to state officers and employees.  Note: the Driver’s license is a STATE OFFICE and STATE EMPLOYEE.  Just like the Social Security Number are only for FEDERAL EMPLOYEES.  This means that “vehicle insurance” is unnecessary in Arkansas.  This is not legal advice.  Please do your own due diligence and gather your own evidences on this before acting on this.

Arkansas has been extremely unhelpful in these regards.  Their Vital Records FOIA Request was simply dismissive..  as if they did know what they were doing and didn’t want to say.

Vehicle Services, Titles – FOIA RESPONSE

Choice Quote:

“The questions that you pose regarding motor vehicle laws in Idaho are matters administered by the Idaho Transportation Department pursuant to Idaho Code Title 49.  While the Transportation Department is not denying your request, because the Transportation Department is not the custodian of the Idaho Code, it cannot provide you with a copy of the Idaho Code pursuant to your request.”

The Transportation Department is not the custodian of the Idaho Code.   Let’s Find out who is…  Idaho Code Title 49 © 2017 IDAHO STATE LEGISLATURE.  They are likely either confused or trying to not talk about what they are doing in creating debt with negotiable instrument VEHICLE TITLES.


Choice Quote

“the Kentucky Cabinet no longer issues sales for marketing purposes. … We have enclosed Form TC96-16, which is necessary in determining your usage of requested data.  Please fill it out and return it to this office so that we may start the process of your agreement.”

Kentucky Cabinet no longer issues sales for marketing purposes.  This is highly disturbing.  It seems that ALL GOVERNMENTAL DATA is technically “FOR SALE.” At least some of it is protected.

Form TC 96-16


Choice Quote:

“The Department [of Revenue] requests some clarification, because the Department does not employ an underwriter.”

the Department does not employ an underwriter.  This is semantic deception.  As documented by WASHINGTON STATE TREASURY, the MISSOURI TREASURY would technically be the underwriter.  So, the Department of Revenue does NOT need to “employ” an underwriter as their negotiable instruments are AUTOMATICALLY underwritten against the MISSOURI TREASURY.  Employ is a legal term of paying someone to do something.

The MISSOURI TREASURY is not specifically paid by their Department of Revenue to underwrite negotiable instruments.  Thus, they can claim that no-one is “employed” to do such a job and still have it look and sound legitimate, despite semantic deception taking place via word magic/word deception.


This FOIA REQUEST was forwarded from the North Dakota Driver’s License people to their RISK MANAGEMENT DIVISION that insures the risk of the STATE TREASURY.

Choice Quote:

“The Risk Management Division administers the Risk Management Fund (N.D.C.C. ch.32-12.2), which is a self-retention fund to provide liability coverage for the State of North Dakota, its agencies and employees, including activities associated with vehicle titles and drivers’ licensing.”

The Risk Management Fund is a self-retention fund to provide liability coverage for the State of North Dakota employees, including Vehicle Titles and Driver’s Licenses.   As covered in the letter from Arkansas, All STATE owned vehicles have insurance covered by the North Dakota Risk Management Fund.  As the DRIVER’S LICENSE itself is literally and actually an EMPLOYEE OF THE STATE, then all Vehicles with North Dakota License Plates are covered by the Risk Management Fund for insurance.  North Dakotans need to check this one out more!


Choice Quote:

“Your request is denied because it is not sufficiently specific”

Oddly, many of the other states did find the request to be specific enough.

“The Commonwealth is self-insured.  Information related to the Commonwealth’s self-insurance program can be found on the DEPARTMENT OF GENERAL SERVICES (DGS) website at the following link. …  you can learn more about the Commonwealth’s vehicle fleet and its insurance.”

does the Vehicle Fleet include all personal vehicles as well?  It should!  All cars with Pennsylvania License Plates are OWNED BY PENNSYLVANIA and thus a part of the fleet.


Choice Quote:

“The Driver Licensing Program is not privately insured, but the State is self-insured for certain things as found in South Dakota Codified Law chapter 3-22.  …   Vehicle Titles are not provided through the Department of Public Safety, but through the Department of Revenue’s Division of Motor Vehicles.”

Again, all DRIVER’S LICENSES are self-insured by as revenue against the STATE TREASURY.  This is evidence that negotiable instruments are used is such ways.

Again, the South Dakota Department of Revenue is the issuer of VEHICLE CERTIFICATE OF TITLES.  This is because Certificate of Titles are treated as debt and thus revenue by the state.

Division of Motor Vehicles  – FOIA RESPONSE

Choice Quote:

“The Division’s Insurance Coverage…  contact the West Virginia Bureau of Risk and Insurance Management (BRIM).”

The authority to underwrite/issue the negotiable instruments is insured by the State Risk Management agencies, as per indicated by other letters.


Choice Quote:

“As a matter of information, the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is designated for residents of the Commonwealth or businesses located in the Commonwealth. Since you are not a resident of the Commonwealth and your firm is not located in the Commonwealth, FOIA does not apply.”

All letters were written as Sui Generis (meaning: I am unique just like everyone).  And Sui Generis cannot be denied as all “residents” are technically sui generis.  Taking the tact to deny sui generis a FOIA request shows the extent these people are willing to go to deny requests such as this.  They claim to not able to determine what is being requested, only, it should be very clear….  where does the debt come from?  Who underwrites the negotiable instruments?


The US States seem to be using their State Treasuries as backing to issue debt for VEHICLE FRANCHISES which is then treated as REVENUE.  The amount of debt being created for each Vehicle Franchise is about parity with the IRS tax revenues for each state.  These streams of revenue are NEVER discussed by politicians.  They know about this.  Their job is to protect these franchises from being discovered.  Magicians redirecting peoples’ attention away from their scam behind the curtain.

All Driver’s Licenses are STATE PROPERTY.  They are artificial persons made in our likeness…  a second you, if you will.  It is a CORPORATION designed to “represent you” within their insurance franchise governmental services corporation.  As such, we would then be employees, and because the cars are title by the state, the state owns them.  Most states exempt state owned property from their own codes.

We should be able to access their state insurance on THEIR cars that they own for us via usufruct.  The State is responsible for EVERY ASPECT of THEIR cars… even if they say “we” own it…  if it has a State license plate on the vehicle, its their car.

We are not receiving the full benefits of THE STATE owning our cars for us.  Thus private ownership of automobiles is necessary to re-access the full rights and responsibilities of automobile property ownership.


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